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    God of War on PC: How Santa Monica Studio Made Its Epic More Accessible

    God of War is hitting PC on Jan. 14, allowing for players to re-experience IGN’s Game of the Year 2018, while a potentially brand new audience will also be able to jump into Sony Santa Monica’s evolution of the long-running series ahead of God of War Ragnarok’s planned 2022 release.While it’s...
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    The Voice of GTA's Franklin Clinton on His Surprise Return to the Franchise

    It’s been quite a few years since Franklin Clinton and his unlikely friends successfully pulled off the most audacious heist Los Santos had ever seen, but after the events of GTAV’s story mode it’s been unclear what became of Franklin.With the arrival of this week’s new update to GTA Online –...
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    Bungie's Head of HR Has Stepped Down

    Bungie head of HR Gayle d'Hondt is stepping down from her role at the company after more than 14 years effective today, IGN has learned.In an email circulated to employees today which IGN has seen in full, d'Hondt reflected on her time at the company, saying she wants to do "everything in my...
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    The Battle for Bungie's Soul: Inside the Studio's Struggle for a Better Work Culture

    In September, Bungie made a huge announcement. After the developer spoke publicly about its desire to push back on toxic work culture, CEO Pete Parsons pulled back the curtain on a number of new initiatives in an effort to "recognize our shortcomings." Bungie would hire a Diversity & Inclusion...
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    Second Life Creator Has Doubts About Facebook's Metaverse

    Second Life creator Philip Rosedale has cast his doubts over Facebook's plans to create its own metaverse.In a recent interview with Axios, the Rosedale spoke about his doubts over future attempts to build a metaverse and the questions that still remain over the digital spaces.Rosedale...
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    Dot’s Home Is a Small Game Tackling a Mighty Subject: the Black Housing Crisis

    When Evan Narcisse was approached by Rise Home Stories about making the game that would eventually be Dot’s Home, he was already well-acquainted with many of the ways in which housing injustice impacts the Black community in America.Narcisse says he had firsthand experience with...
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    Ex-Skullgirls’ Devs Next Game Is Just One Project Backed By This New Games Fund

    In their years working with small developers through cooperative-owned gaming label Glitch, CEO Evva Karr noticed a serious problem.While Karr had encountered many small, diverse game development teams with talented creators and brilliant ideas that they believed could be incredibly...
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    We Sent a Virtual War Reporter Into New World

    The knight storms forward, hammer swinging on his back, armor gleaming in the sun. He barrels through the crowds in Windsward, a village bustling with arrivals every day, just one of the million people clamouring to start a life on the lush island of Aeternum. This is New World, the new...
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    Hearth & Home - Valheim's Long Voyage Through Early Access

    Valheim took the gaming world by storm when it hit early access in February this year. A complex survival game crafted by the (then) five-person strong Iron Gate Studio out of Sweden, the launch nabbed a 9/10 review and by March had more than one million players per team member.Seven months...
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    Fortnite’s Civil Rights Movement Inclusion Was Well-Intentioned But Messy

    Fortnite is one of the most popular online games ever for young gamers. This sentiment isn’t just because of its enormous player count – Fortnite’s fluctuating daily average tends to land somewhere between 6 and 12 million players – but also because it is deeply accessible. Fortnite’s cost of...
  11. Ixin

    Accepted Application Ixin

    Steam Profile: Age: 24 Country of residence: Netherlands Timezone: GMT +2Why are you applying for the position? I play alot on the pub servers and there are alot of players teamkilling/votekicking players for no reason. Instead of having to call Echo or Wren...
  12. S

    Voteban IDs

    Hello there, as in other posts I have been banned multiple times on multiple servers of yours by premade people that wanted the server to themselves. I've seen more people join the server and leave as soon as I did. I have commented on four of the people that banned me however I only have two of...
  13. Crowned By The Toilet

    Application Open Application Crowned By The Toilet / E-typE.

    Steam Profile: Age: 18 Country of residence: England Timezone: Greenwich Mean Time Zone (UTC+00:00)Why are you applying for the position? I am applying for the position because I have been playing on SameTeem servers for quite a long time and have almost...
  14. N

    Accepted Whitelist application

    Ign: Neoza Have you ever played this before: No | steamname: Neoza | steam3ID: [U:1:37368038] | steamID32: STEAM_0:0:18684019 | steamID64: | customURL: | steamrep...
  15. snelrev

    Accepted OGLAF

    IGN: OGLAFHave you played our server before: No| steamname: SNELREV | steam3ID: [U:1:39315860] | steamID32: STEAM_0:0:19657930 | steamID64: | customURL: | steamrep...
  16. Wren

    [POLL] Would you like a map wipe?

    Discuss it in this thread and vote on the poll.
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    Let’s talk about password security

    Have you been hacked? What’s going on, Moj? No! We haven’t been hacked. A bunch of bad people have tricked some of our users into disclosing their account information. We’ve emailed everyone affected, and reset all compromised passwords. If you haven’t received an email from us, you don’t need...
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    MINECON 2013

    This year we’re holding our third MINECON event, and now that tickets are sold out and we are deep into planning I thought I’d give a little bit more info into the event and how/why we do some of the things we do for it.MINECON is exciting to us. It’s a chance to bring together thousands of...
  19. M1_Mercenary

    Forum needs moar cowbell.

    :( Its so freaking quiet, what happened to the perpetual pissing match between RMM and Scourge. and people whining about being banned? (Aka, need moar people posting and active to make this forum come back to life)
  20. L


    I've recently just joined the server. It has been extremely nice. The community is nice and the plugins are awesome. However, there is something bad with the server.The bad thing is the fact that the map constantly resets. I heard the admins do it "To promote more pvp". Well, you may do that...