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Free TeamSpeak Channels for All Members!

Tired of Discord? You can now automatically make your own private TeamSpeak channels on our server, anyone is welcome to make a channel, and it is completely FREE.

So How Do I Get a Free TeamSpeak Channel?

If you're already signed up to the site, simply click below and fill in the form. If you're not signed up you will need to quickly sign up to the site to use the form, signups are free for anyone

After you've submitted the form your channel will be made automatically on the server, you will also receive an email with important information about the channel, so please save it in case you need to recover your channel in the future.

Connect to the server and your channel will be near the bottom of the channel list.

What is TeamSpeak?

TeamSpeak is a text and voice communications system that allows thousands of users to text chat, talk, and play games together. TeamSpeak uses decentralised servers to allow everyone to have a private server free from spying. TeamSpeak also has one of the lowest latency voice protocols in the world.

Where Do I Download TeamSpeak?

You can download TeamSpeak here

Press the “Downloads” button at the top of the page and select the version of TeamSpeak that corresponds to your system and install it. After you’ve installed TeamSpeak you can connect to the server by opening TeamSpeak and pressing Connections => Connect, and then entering the server address “sameteem” and pressing “Connect”.

How Much Do These TeamSpeak Channels Cost?

It is completely FREE! Channels are free for life and we will never charge for access. The Public Lobbies are also free for anyone to use and cost nothing.

Can I Get A Sub-Channel in My Channel?

Yes, users have permission to make their own sub channels, alternatively please message an admin (Red ST logo next to their name) to get a channel made.

Can I get my channel moved further up the TeamSpeak channel list?

Not at this time, but unused channels are removed so your channel will move up the list naturally as times goes on.

Do You Support the Opus Music Codec?

Yes! Please feel free to use any available channel codec and/or quality you like Recently TeamSpeak has removed the option to use Speex so sadly that codec is unavailable but it has been replaced by the superior Opus codec, which is actually a newer and updated version of Speex.

Do you support putting passwords on the channel?

Absolutely, you’re free to make your channel as public or as private as you want, you can put a password on your channel during the channel creation process or by joining your channel, right clicking it and pressing "Edit Channel", in the window the appears you can set a password and press OK.

Who Do I Speak to for Help or Support?

Please leave a reply or thread here if you need help and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, please speak to any of the admins or helpers on the TeamSpeak server (red or cyan ST logos next to their names) and they will assist you if possible.

Can I Put a Music/Radio Bot in my channel?

We have no problems with you doing that, please go ahead. However, if the bot is used to annoy other people in other channels the bot will be banned. If your bot will be using the same IP as you, please ask the admins for an IP exemption so you will be able to connect to the server properly.

Are there any limits to what I can do in my channel?

There are no limits to users, channel quality, or channel content, as long as it’s legal. Just don’t harass other users. There is a limit to file uploads and we reserve the right to delete files at any time, copyrighted material is not allowed on the server and will be removed without notice.

How Do I Edit My Channel?

Please connect to the server, then join your channel, after you've joined your channel you can right click it and press "Edit Channel", you'll then be able to change all the settings of your channel, if there is an option you would like set that you cannot edit please contact a member of staff who will assist you if they are able, Voice Data Encryption will never be disabled under any circumstances.

How Do I Get a Higher Rank?

User ranks are automatically assigned and upgraded to users based on their active time, this does not mean the time you are connected to the server, but actually doing things on the server, such as talking and typing. Doing things while in the AFK channel does not count towards your active time. If you abuse the system your time and rank will be reset to zero.

How Do I Get a Special Event Rank?

Simply be on the server during the day the event is happening to get a special Holiday server group, our specially designed bot will add you to the user group as long as you are on the server at the time. Special events usually include Christmas, Easter and Halloween, although we will have random extra events throughout the year.

I Don’t Want a Channel, Can I Just Use the Lobbies?

You are welcome to use the public lobbies as long as you want, however, AFK users may be moved to the AFK channel to make room for others if you idle in those channels. Please be aware that anyone else can join these channels and people may join the channels and be disruptive, which is why you should make yourself a free private TeamSpeak channel ;).

Someone Is Harassing Me in My Own Channel, What Do I Do?

Please mute the user and then set or change the channel password on your channel, then kick the user and they will not be able to re-join the channel. If they continue to harass you please message an admin or helper with proof of the harassment and they will be dealt with. You can also use the TeamSpeak complaints system and an admin will be able to view the complaint.

I lost channel admin in my channel, what do I do?

Please message an admin (Admins have a red ST logo next to their name) on the TeamSpeak server, make sure you have your recovery key ready as you will need it to get channel admin back.

Will my channel be deleted?

Channels are only deleted after at least a month of inactivity, inactivity is defined as there being no channel admin joining the channel in a set period of time, but you are free to make another channel at any point with no restrictions.

Do You Offer Free Game Servers?

This is not something we would typically do, but if you have an interesting offer and can show you have a group of players willing to use it, we would consider it. Typically we would initially offer a single game server and TeamSpeak channel for free, as well as some technical support to set it all up.

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Any problems, bugs, or suggestions? Please reply here and we'll investigate.
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