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Accepted Application Ixin


Level 0
Oct 10, 2013
Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ixin
Age: 24
Country of residence: Netherlands
Timezone: GMT +2

Why are you applying for the position?
I play alot on the pub servers and there are alot of players teamkilling/votekicking players for no reason. Instead of having to call Echo or Wren i'd rather punish them myself.

Why do you think you'd fit the part?
I know alot of people at sameteem and i'm sure i'm already part of the teem. Because i play on the servers alot i'd rather have fun with people then have people ruin it with votekicks or teamkills.

What languages can you speak/write fluently?
Dothraki, Valyrian and from time to time English. Also Dutch. Always Dutch.

When are you normally online?
As much as i can be online. I have work and your usual stuff.

What is your played time on our CS:GO servers?
4d 18:30:36h