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RoK: Update coming soon

The RoK developers have said that they're working to get the update out late tonight, we'll be updating the server and wiping the map as soon as this happens.

We are still working on the hack issues, work is going well, will be taking care many of the current hacking issues with the upcoming update. However, it will be an ongoing battle, and we feel the next few weeks will grant larger progress as more robust solutions become integrated. Were sorry that some of you have bad experiences from hackers, and hope you can remain patient as we work on it.

We've also made huge ground this last week on server performance issues too, this too will be included in upcoming update. We are working tomorrow to see if we can have it ready for late Saturday, been pushing late overtime every night for past few weeks as we really love the game and want players to have a good experience.

We'll add a couple more admins once we update too.