reign of kings

  1. Wren

    RoK: Update coming soon

    The RoK developers have said that they're working to get the update out late tonight, we'll be updating the server and wiping the map as soon as this happens. We'll add a couple more admins once we update too.
  2. Wren

    RoK: Updated to Alpha 8

    Before connecting, please validate your steam files. Looks like cheaters will still be around. You can use /report <name> or hop onto TeamSpeak if you suspect anyone. EDIT: Expect cheaters to be rampant in this...
  3. Wren

    RoK: Get Whitelisted!

    Go here: Server will be whitelisted in the coming days (hopefully tonight) due to cheaters, we'll try to get as many people applied as possible before we make the switch. It will be unwhitelisted again at some point but all those who have...
  4. Wren

    RoK: Server is whitelisted!

    Server is back up and whitelisted. Apply here: Server information here:
  5. Wren

    RoK: Updated to Alpha 9

    Small update but I can create wooden pyramids easier now ¦^) Server is updating as I type this
  6. Wren

    RoK: Cheater on the server, taking it down for a moment.

    Working on finding out who it is, I may have to revert some access to some people I've whitelisted recently, please bear with me. EDIT: Banned him shortly afterwards. It may not be over though!
  7. Admin

    RoK Update Alpha 10

    Server has been updated to Alpha 10 RoK Update Alpha 10 This update is a bit of a smaller one as it is mainly bug fixes and some design changes. There is also a new small layer of anti-hack prevention, servers can turn it on through their configuration file. Official servers are also being...
  8. Wren

    RoK: Server will be wiping at 15:30 UTC

    We'll be wiping the map today at 15:30 UTC. If there is another patch soon we'll also be wiping then, I know having the server wipe so often is awkward but it's necessary due to the state of the game. I'll be updating the rules/info thread soon and it'll include the criteria for us to wipe the...
  9. Wren

    RoK: Update Coming Soon

    Stay tuned, we will be updating and wiping the server as soon as possible.
  10. Wren

    RoK: Server updated to Alpha 11 Server is updated, you can hop on and play :)
  11. Wren

    RoK: Whitelist is being turned off

    Now that the EAC update has been released we're going to see how things go with the whitelist disabled. Everyone who has been whitelisted before will stay on there and if the whitelist needs to be turned back on you'll be able to keep playing with no problems :)
  12. Admin

    RoK: Server updated to Alpha 13

    Features: - Added small Falling Leaf particles when chopping trees Changes: - Player skin is about 50% brighter (now more similar to Alpha 11) - Ambient light from ground more dynamic - Bloom effect a bit more common - Some specular highlights will have bloom now - Night made a bit darker...
  13. TwitchTvFroxerBBQ

    Wtb wipe - For performance reasons

    Hey guys, I think its time to wipe server, because there is a lot of shit around causing poor performance in certain areas. Let me know your thoughts.
  14. Ranar9

    Alpha 9

    Apparently devs decided to do a sneak patch. Hope server is updated soon.