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Free Automatic TeamSpeak Channels

If you've signed up to the site you can now get yourself a FREE TeamSpeak channel by clicking TeamSpeak at the top of the page and then Make a TeamSpeak Channel, or Click Here

You'll need to have connected to the TeamSpeak server at least once and you'll need your TeamSpeak UID (Ctrl + i in the TeamSpeak client) in order to get a channel.

If you have any problems please report them here and we'll fix it.

TeamSpeak is the number one choice VoIP communication system for Online Gaming.

More here : https://sameteem.com/threads/automatic-free-private-teamspeak-channels.14586/
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Halo 2 Server Launched

We've launched FIVE retro Halo 2 Servers using the Halo 2 Project Cartographer mod, these are NOT servers for the Master Chief Collection/Anniversary Edition of Halo 2. We're currently running five servers with various different game modes such as SWAT, Slayer, CTF (Capture the Flag), Zombies, and Fiesta.

All you need to play on our servers is Project Cartographer, which you can install by following the instructions below:

If you don't have Halo 2 installed

  1. Please purchase the game, and install it. After a successful install, you may then run the Cartographer mod installer.
  2. If you are using Windows 10 please install .NET 3.5 on your computer before you install Halo 2, otherwise strange bugs running the installer seem to occur.
  3. Run the Halo 2 installer.
  4. Choose your desired install location, making sure to select the option to fully install the game, please note that game files must not be moved after install.
  5. It may appear that the installer is frozen, please be patient and wait for the install to finish.
  6. Once setup is complete, do not run the game and process with the below instructions.

If you have Halo 2 installed

  1. All you need to do is run the Cartographer mod installer, verify your install location and install the application.
  2. Run the mod from the new shortcut that was made on your desktop.
  3. Continue with the in-game setup.

In-Game Setup

All logins are done through the in-game menus. Accounts made in game are separate from this site. If you need to recover your account you click Reset Project Cartographer Password.
  1. Create an account in game, you will need to verify your account via email. Confirmation emails are usually sent instantly, please check your spam folder, you can use a temporary email service if you really want.
  2. Once your email is verified, go back in game and login. If the button says "Don't Remember Me," that means your info will be remembered.
  3. If you see Status: Online in the top right corner, you have logged in successfully and can continue to play the game.
  4. After logging in, create a game profile, which stores your appearance and other settings such as controls.
  5. For other settings such as Field of View, Raw mouse input, and more, click the "Cartographer" tab on the home screen or hit the "Home" key on your keyboard while in-game.
  6. Select the “Online” option on the main menu to join an internet game.
If you have any issues/questions, please read the FAQ page first, and the Features post

We're playing while on TeamSpeak, so please join the TeamSpeak server if you want to play in a voice chat with other players. If you want a Free TeamSpeak Server/Channel you can get a free channel by clicking Free TeamSpeak Channel Here
See you on the battlefield, Spartans.
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Killing Floor 2 Server

Come join us for some Killing Floor 2 at our new server : IP : kf2.sameteem.com:7777 or SameTeem in the server browser. As usual the TeamSpeak is ts.sameteem.com if you need help.

The server is running completely stock settings so you can enjoy the game as intended by the developers. Please note that you can still vote to change the map if you don't like what you are playing, but we do not allow you tovote kick players just so you can have the server to yourself

You can Join the free TeamSpeak channel directly by clicking https://invite.teamspeak.com/ts.sam...heatter&channel=[spacer31]___/Killing Floor 2, please also feel free to use the TeamSpeak for any other purposes as well, we are an open community and anyone is welcome :

Taken from the games Wikipedia page
Killing Floor 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed and published by Tripwire Interactive. It is a sequel to 2009's Killing Floor. An early access version of the game was released for Microsoft Windows in April 2015, and the game was released in November 2016 for Windows and PlayStation 4 and August 2017 for Xbox One. The game utilizes Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3.
Please enjoy the server, and don't forget to get your free TeamSpeak channel from https://sameteem.com/teamspeak/makechannel! The TeamSpeak channel can be joined by clicking https://invite.teamspeak.com/ts.sameteem.com/?password=deatheatter&channel=[spacer31]___/Killing Floor 2 (TeamSpeak needs to be installed). If you have any other questions or comments please reply to the thread, and as always have a a nice day!

Fancy some other games? Check out all our other public game servers at https://sameteem.com/servers/
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Public Mordhau Duel Server

Hello everyone,

We've started a new public Mordhau duel server for all the slasher fans out here, the server name on the in game server list is "SameTeem Duels ts.sameteem.com"

You can also join the server through the console with the domain/host : mordhau1.sameteem.com:46399 The TeamSpeak channel can be joined by clicking https://invite.teamspeak.com/ts.sameteem.com/ (TeamSpeak needs to be installed)

The server is a UK based standard duel server, both players must bow to each other, this is the standard way of accepting a duel request, before the duel starts. People who do not follow this rule will be kicked on the first offence banned for multiple offences. Apart from no hacking, there are no other rules, Bards may be shot on sight.

If you don't have the game check it out here : https://mordhau.com/ or on Steam:

There is a channel on our free public TeamsSpeak (ts.sameteem.com) where you can talk to other players or you can get your own free private TeamSpeak channel by clicking on the following link : https://sameteem.com/threads/automatic-free-private-teamspeak-channels.14586/ You can download TeamSpeak here. A TeamSpeak account is not required in order to use your server.

Taken from the games Wikipedia page
Mordhau is a multiplayer medieval hack 'n slash video game, developed by Slovenian independent studio Triternion, with a prominent aspect of skill-based competitive play and customization.

Please enjoy the server and respond here with any questions/comments.

Fancy some other games? Check out all our other public game servers at https://sameteem.com/servers/
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Site updated to XenForo 2.1

Hey guys,

The site has been updated to XenForo 2.1, please report any bugs on the site here so they can be investigated and rectified.

We have begun posting the files our servers use to our resources section at https://sameteem.com/resources/ All of these files are used on our game servers, so if you want to get on our servers faster you can get the needed files from here instead of waiting on the game servers to send you the files.

We also now have a new servers page that lists all our public game servers https://sameteem.com/servers/ Anyone is welcome to join any of these servers.

SourceBans has been updated https://sameteem.com/sourcebans/ admins can now log in via Steam and it should load much faster now.

The TeamSpeak channel maker has now been moved to https://sameteem.com/teamspeak/makechannel however the old link will still redirect you, read more about free TeamSpeak channels at https://sameteem.com/threads/automatic-free-private-teamspeak-channels.14586/

You can have a look at all the new features of XenForo 2.1 here :

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Counter Strike Condition Zero Server

Hello everyone,

We've put up a new Vanilla Counter Strike Condition Zero server for all the retro CS fans out here, the server name is SameTeem.com | CZ

The server has completely vanilla gameplay, but is running the standard AMXX plugins for GoldSrc server.

You can Join the TeamSpeak channel directly by clicking here, the server is open to anyone and you are more than welcome to use the server for any purose :

You can also join the server with the domain/host :

If you don't have the game check it out here :

Taken from the games Wikipedia page
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is a first-person shooter video game developed by Ritual Entertainment, Turtle Rock Studios, and Valve, and published by Sierra Entertainment and Valve. The follow-up to Counter-Strike, it was released in March 2004 for Microsoft Windows

Please enjoy the server and respond here with any questions/comments, and if you have any problems join us on ts.sameteem.com to talk to a human. The TeamSpeak channel can be joined by clicking https://invite.teamspeak.com/ts.sam...l=[spacer31]___/Counter Strike/Condition Zero (TeamSpeak needs to be installed)
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Left 4 Dead 2 Server Launched

Want to shoot some Zombies just like the good old days?

We've put up a new Left 4 Dead 2 server for all the retro CS fans out here, the server name is SameTeem.com | Left 4 Dead 2

The server is modded to allow more than 4 players to play at once, so feel free to get more than 4 friends in on the action.

You can also join the server with the domain/host : l4d2.sameteem.com:27015

If you don't have the game this is a must have :

The TeamSpeak channel can be joined by clicking https://invite.teamspeak.com/ts.sameteem.com/?password=deatheatter&channel=[spacer31]___/Left 4 Dead (TeamSpeak needs to be installed)

Taken from the games Wikipedia page
Left 4 Dead 2 is a cooperative first-person shooter video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. The sequel to Turtle Rock Studios's Left 4 Dead, the game was released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 in November 2009, and for OS X in October 2010, and for Linux in July 2013.

Please enjoy the server and respond here with any questions/comments.
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RoK: Server updated to Alpha 11


This update contains some major backend changes to help prevent hacking. We have integrated Easy Anti Cheat (EAC) with the game, and you will be required to install it before running the game. EAC will run in the background after you launch Reign of Kings, when you are done playing, EAC will stop running. We felt it was best to have a major anti-hacking solution on our side while we also work to prevent exploits and hacks on our end. We also included another layer of our own hack prevention in this update aside from EAC. You will now also be required to agree to our EULA before playing the game. We hope everyone understands that we are doing our best to prevent hacking, and we hope some of these solutions help out. We will continue to make this our top priority in the near future.


Do not risk hacking/exploiting the game, as this may result in your account being permanently banned through the EAC system. Bans will be delivered in waves, we will not speculate on the exact timing.

As with the last update - Due to the current anti-hacking layers, modding of the game is not permitted at this time, this would include language packs or other localization attempts. Please verify the integrity of your game cache and keep your DLLs and game files unmodified to avoid unwanted banning or being added to a ban list. If you are unsure you can verify your game files through steam by selecting "Verify Integrity of Game Cache..." in your game's properties under "Local Files".

If you are experiencing problems with users connecting to your server (stuck on downloading characters), clear your permission file. The permission file is located under the Configuration folder next to your ROK.exe.

Looking forward to the next week, our main focus will once again be on hack prevention, and also on performance.

This update also includes many bug fixes, design changes, and some new features like a trap door & furniture. You can find the full list below.


-Added Trap Door
- Added Wooden Sword (training weapon), one damage per hit.
- Added Wood Stick (training weapon)), one damage per hit.
-New original song "Wings of Shelter" added to the game
-Added Woodworking Station (used to create furniture)
-Added 26 Furniture, List of Furniture Items:
-Low Quality Bed (acts as spawn point)
-Low Quality Bench
-Low Quality Chair
-Low Quality Fence
-Low Quality Shelf
-Low Quality Stool
-Low Quality Table
-Medium Quality Bed (acts as spawn point)
-Medium Quality Bench
-Medium Quality Bookcase (acts as a container)
-Medium Quality Chair
-Medium Quality Dresser (acts as a container)
-Medium Quality Stool
-Medium Quality Table
-High Quality Bed (acts as spawn point)
-High Quality Bench
-High Quality Cabinet (acts as a container)
-Lord's Bath
-Lord's Bed (acts as spawn point)
-Lord's Small Chair
-Lord's Large Chair
-Banquet Table
-Bear Skin Rug
-Deer Head Trophy
-Rocking Horse


- Easy Anti Cheat (EAC) integration. Needs to be installed before playing. Will run in background while playing Reign of Kings, and then automatically shut off when finished playing Reign of Kings.
- Lobby refresh feels more seamless.
- Lobby pings are no longer discarded on refresh.
- Lobby column sorting is now saved.
- Lobby ping sort now updates at regular intervals while pinging.
- The saved lobby list will now load immediately.
- Input fields are more responsive to highlight selection. Double-click will now select all.
- Chat will now automatically close when disconnected from a server.
- Made it so the whitelist command is case insensitive.
- Ballista will lock during interaction
- Ballista aim screen has an interaction


- Garbage collection optimizations.
- Fixed object pooling. Added pooling to furniture, lights, and some additional items

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed some saving issues when the server is shut down.
- Fixed some dead sleepers not being saved when the server restarts.
- Fixed camera bug in third person where the camera will jarringly move forward, epsecially while swinging melee weapons
- Adjusted flame sound loops
- Fixed particles on Holdable Torch going crazy
- Players who have died while asleep are now properly re-loaded on server restart.
- Fixed the fires so they now properly damage players who are on top of them
- Blast decal for trebuchet should be proper
- If using ballista it shouldn't leave you in a camera broken locked state
- Paging will now continue if it encounters an error with one prefab
- Move prefabs to be taken in a conquered crest zone
- Lockpicks will not have two picking bars
- Prefabs cant be placed in conquered crest area
- Fix the campfire disappearing if it is updated and the area is left

Design Changes:

- Renamed a few items: eg. Steel Great Sword --> Steel Greatsword
- Trebuchet Stone is now limited to 15 per stack.
- Stone is now limited to 1000 per stack.
- Small Wall Torch, now Wall Torch.
- Wall Torch, now Small Wall Torch.
- Small Wall Lantern, now Wall Lantern.
- Wall Lantern, now Small Wall Lantern.
- Bear hide, now has a chance to drop from bears.
- Iron Chest, Steel Chest and Wood Chest now have descriptions updated to display proper slot count.
- Stone Blocks, now require 1 Stone Slab, 5 Clay (was 1) to craft.
- Stone Slab now costs 4 charcoal (was 2), 8 water (was 4), 100 Stone (was 60) to craft.
- Siegeworks now costs 400 flax, 1200 Wood (was 850), 100 Iron (was 50) Ingots to craft.
- Trebuchet Stone now costs 1 Stone Slab (was 50 Stone) to craft. Stone Slab has processing time involved.
- Trebuchet now costs 50 flax, 2000 Wood, 50 Iron (was 25) Ingots to craft.
- Iron Wood Cutters Axe, Steel Wood Cutters Axe and Stone Wood Cutters Axe all had their wood resource gathering increased by 2 per hit.
- Crest description will now indicate items health.
- Large Iron Cage now costs 40 Iron Ingots (was 90) to craft.
- Large Iron Hanging Cage now costs 40 Iron Ingots (was 90) to craft.
- Small Iron Cage now costs 25 Iron Ingots (was 80) to craft.
- Small Iron Hanging Cage now costs 25 Iron Ingots (was 90) to craft.
- Steel Cage now costs 30 Steel Ingots (was 95) to craft.
- Candlestand & Chandelier now burns fat for fuel.
- Ground Torch now costs 3 Iron Ingots (was 5) and 40 Stone to craft.
- Hanging Lantern now costs 2 Iron Ingots (was 9) to craft.
- Hanging Torch now costs 3 Iron Ingots (was 9) to craft.
- Holdable Candle now costs 3 Fat (was 5) to craft.
- Holdable Torch now costs 1 Flax (was 3) and 10 Wood to craft.
- Iron Floor Torch now costs 4 Iron Ingots (was 12) to craft.
- Small Wall Lantern now costs 2 Iron Ingots (was 7) to craft.
- Small Wall Torch now costs 2 Iron Ingots (was 7) to craft.
- Wall Lantern now costs 3 Iron Ingots (was 8) to craft.
- Wall Torch now costs 3 Iron Ingots (was 8) to craft.
- Standing Iron Torch now costs 4 Iron Ingots (was 12) to craft.

Thanks for playing,
- The Code}{atch Team

Server is updated, you can hop on and play :)

A year later

It's been a little over a year since our last update and we're now finally getting things moving. In the coming weeks we should have a new site, improved forums and we'll be a lot more active. We'll also be looking for staff for some of our servers that are in dire need.

Once things are closer to being finished I will post a changelog and a list of things we plan to do in the future.


RoK: Server will be wiping at 15:30 UTC

We'll be wiping the map today at 15:30 UTC.

If there is another patch soon we'll also be wiping then, I know having the server wipe so often is awkward but it's necessary due to the state of the game.

I'll be updating the rules/info thread soon and it'll include the criteria for us to wipe the server so we won't need to have this discussion in the future.

RoK Update Alpha 10

Server has been updated to Alpha 10

RoK Update Alpha 10
This update is a bit of a smaller one as it is mainly bug fixes and some design changes. There is also a new small layer of anti-hack prevention, servers can turn it on through their configuration file. Official servers are also being wiped with this release (we recommend community servers to wipe, but it is their choice).

Unfortunately, the major anti-hacking work that is going on at the studio was not ready in time for the weekend. We understand that hacking remains a major issue, and we are working our hardest to help prevent it, it is our top priority.

The integration of EasyAntiCheat is coming very well, our engineers have been working with the EAC engineers to ensure it is integrated correctly. We hope to have it released in the next week or two. As well, we have another major layer of hack prevention coming from our own studio to allign with the release of EAC. We thank everyone for their patience.

As with the last update - Due to the current anti-hacking layers, modding of the game is not permitted at this time, this would include language packs or other localization attempts. Please verify the integrity of your game cache and keep your DLLs and game files unmodified to avoid unwanted banning or being added to a ban list. If you are unsure you can verify your game files through steam by selecting "Verify Integrity of Game Cache..." in your game's properties under "Local Files".

If you got auto-banned and did not try hack - How to verify your game after update (your files need to be verified):


Alpha 10:

New Additions:

- New overworld song


- Ballista interaction is toggleable
- Can fire ballista in zoom mode with the E key
- Default guild name now includes players name

Bug Fixes:

- Minor GUI performance improvements.
- Whitelist now gets the current name of each known player on reload.
- Whitelist notes are now properly updated when a player is re-assigned to the list.
- The Ancient Crown can no longer be duplicated by dropping it from its armor slot.
- Chat flooding now silences a player for a few seconds.
- Improved the applying of character data to remove color flashing when you update your character, loadyour character, respawn, or equip armor.
- Fixed Torches breaking when extinguished by water
- Several sound tweaks and fixes
- Character voice should load more reliably
- Guild Banner should update more reliably
- Animation Gestures while holding a bow should work properly
- All songs have a more normalized volume level
- Kings Chests arent floating anymore
- Can more easily hit resource nodes
- Can't build directly around resource nodes
- Crests should recover properly from server restarts
- Made third person on bows shoot closer to the crosshair
- Weapons will collide with a wall when you swing while pressed up against one, rather than harmlessly passing through it

Design Changes:

- Sod blocks now take 5 dirt to craft (was 10).
- Thatch blocks now take 5 sticks to craft (was 10).
- Clay blocks now take 10 clay to craft (was 20), and have 1500 HP (was 2000 HP).
- Stick blocks now take 10 sticks to craft (was 20), and have 1500 HP (was 2000 HP).
- Wood blocks not take 30 wood to craft (was 40).
- Log blocks now take 70 wood to craft (was 80).
- Cobble stone blocks now take 30 stone to craft (was 35).
- Stone slab now requires 2 charcoal (was 1), 4 water and 60 stone (was 50) to craft.
- Ballista now requires 25 flax (was 30) 10 iron ingots (was 500) and 500 wood to craft (was 5).
- Batch of ten ballista bolts now requires 25 flax (was 80), 200 wood and 2 iron ingots (was steel ingots) to craft.
- Trebuchet now requires 50 flax (was 100), 2000 wood (was 1200) and 25 iron ingots to craft.
- Trebuchet stone now requires 50 stone (was 150) to craft.
- Iron bar windows now cost 2 iron ingots (was 4) to craft.
- Stone slit window not cost 1 clay and 1 stone slab to craft (was 20 stone).
- Wood shutters now cost 30 wood (was 10) to craft.
- Nourishment update, the amount that hydration drops when moving has been reduced significantly.
- Bent Horn now requires 10 bone and 5 iron (was 1) to craft.
- Guillotine now requires 250 wood and 4 steel ingots (was 8) to craft.
- Large iron hanging cage now requires 90 iron ingots (was 100) to craft.
- Steel cage now requires 95 steel ingots (was 120 iron ingots) to craft.

Thanks for playing,
- The Code}{atch Team

RoK: Updated to Alpha 9

Small update but I can create wooden pyramids easier now ¦^) Server is updating as I type this

Were doing a small update on the game today. Servers do not need to be wiped for this update, however, be sure to update your community servers so everyone can connect to them. This should help keep your lobby lists functioning with an previous copy incase the live lobby server is swamped. A good portion of the team was attending to the lobby server during the DDoS attacks, another portion of the team is attending to the Easy Anti-Cheat integration, so this update isn't very big or exciting.


- Clients will now save a copy of their last successful lobby query. When a query fails, this copy is loaded for reference.
- The lobby will now allow you to connect to other game versions, however the server will still deny the wrong version. (See above)
- Sorting the lobby by player count now favours online players over capacity.
- Console messages are now limited to 128 characters.
- Symbols have been removed from chat. Colours, bold, underline, etc...

Design Changes:

- Wood blocks now 40 wood.
- Log blocks now 80 wood.


- Flask no longer tethered to left hand after gathering water
- Its no longer possible to capture throne after dying next to throne while still in a capture pop up menu

Thanks for playing,
The Code}{atch Team

RoK: Get Whitelisted!

Server will be whitelisted in the coming days (hopefully tonight) due to cheaters, we'll try to get as many people applied as possible before we make the switch.

It will be unwhitelisted again at some point but all those who have been whitelisted will stay that way. This means when we turn the whitelist on in the future you'll be able to keep playing the server.

This way, if a future patch allows servers to be griefed easily or a new cheat is released, we can cut down on the amount of people coming in to cause trouble.

RoK: Updated to Alpha 8

Before connecting, please validate your steam files. Looks like cheaters will still be around. You can use /report <name> or hop onto TeamSpeak if you suspect anyone.

Due to the entire team mainly working on hack prevention, admin/server commands, performance, and fixes, there was only very small amounts of new content.

New Content:

- Added Djembe Drum, use scroll wheel to change pitch
- Added War Drum, use scroll wheel to change pitch

New Features:

- The All Servers lobby tab has been replaced by Favourite and Visited server tabs.
- Lobby columns can be sorted alphabetically.
- Lobby items can be right-clicked to favourite.
- Players can now search for visited and favourite servers.

- Made it so the Auto-Restart script says Restarting... instead of shutdown.
- Server bans now save even after server restarts. Admins may also ban offline players.
- Added admin command /shownametags
- Added admin commands to tp users to other users and tp users to yourself.
- Added a setting in the config file to disable admin commands on a server (it is on by default)

- Added a /whitelist command to block anonymous player connections while enabled.
/whitelist - Will show all whitelisted players.
/whitelist enable - Will enable the whitelist.
/whitelist disable - Will disable the whitelist.
/whitelist add [id] - Will add a player by Steam ID.
/whitelist addbyname [name] - Will add a player by name (this must resolve an ID).
/whitelist remove [id] - Will remove a player by Steam ID.
/whitelist removebyname [name] - Will remove a player by name (this must resolve an ID).

- To help admins banning players with unusual names we added a small player list button at the bottom left of the screen while typing into the chat console. Clicking on the player list button will show all the players currently online, and clicking on a name will insert that name into your current chat input. With this, admins can ban a player as easy as typing in "/ban " into the console, selecting the player you want to ban from the player list button, and hitting enter to complete the command. Remember that copy, paste, and highlighting the console is all possible too, just like notepad.

- Added a setting in the config file to enable/disable auto-banning of suspected hackers (it is off by default, configure with caution):
To properly ensure that the AutoBan feature is enabled and working properly, you can first set useAuthAutoBan = 'True' in the ServerSettings.cfg. Once this is set, the server will compare its own steam and game DLL files with the clients dll files. If any of these files aren't exactly the same as the client's, the server will ban that client. Because of this you need to make extra sure that your steam dlls are updated to be the same as the clients, and have no extra or modified DLLs in your ROK_data/Managed folder. If your clients get banned from you server with "Detected DLL Mismatch", rechecking the similarity of your client / server dlls should be the first course of action. If you accidentally configured this on your server, as an admin, you can unban someone in-game by typing in "unban player_name_here" (Where player_name_here is the name of the player you want to unban). Alternatively you can remove the entry including their name in the BannedPlayers.cfg configuration file (found under your Configuration folder), which will allow the banned player to rejoin once the server has restarted.


- Change offsets on projectiles to hopefully make less floating action
- Removed a bug where trebuchet stones would be spawned on newly logging clients
- Fixed door desyncing
- Fix a bug in security which could have broke some ownership
- Made it so blocks can be placed behind crests
- Crest lights turn on in conquered zones
- Players who are forcefully removed from the throne while usurping will now properly release it.
- Starvation and dehydration has been re-balanced.
- Double-clicking items into fires should more intelligently choose between the fuel or input container.
- Enabled console backgrounds will no longer show while idle.
- Player voice chat (VOIP) will no longer be set to 0 volume on login.
- Improved animations
- Improved syncing interpolation
- Smoother movement, looking, less likely to push players when things get laggy

Design Changes:

- All block building materials had their required resources to craft increased.
- Increase the cost of Trebuchet, ballista and trebuchet stone’s
- Animals are no longer placeable through blueprints by admins (Temporary)
- Melee weapons no longer damage tier 5/6/7 ramps and stairs
- Stiff Bed is slightly smaller

Optimizations & Performance:

- Major Serverside framerate optimizations
- Block loading is faster
- Block loading has less memory garbage
- Lowered the amount of colliders on the server for various items
- Make progressive loading of pages demand less performance to not clog the server up so much
- Removed flying creatures from spawn as we further diagnose server performance (Temporary)
- Fixed a bug that caused huge clientside frame rate drops when looking at interactables in certain situations
- Minor garbage collection reduction

EDIT: Expect cheaters to be rampant in this phase too, it's far from over ¦^)
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RoK: Update coming soon

The RoK developers have said that they're working to get the update out late tonight, we'll be updating the server and wiping the map as soon as this happens.

We are still working on the hack issues, work is going well, will be taking care many of the current hacking issues with the upcoming update. However, it will be an ongoing battle, and we feel the next few weeks will grant larger progress as more robust solutions become integrated. Were sorry that some of you have bad experiences from hackers, and hope you can remain patient as we work on it.

We've also made huge ground this last week on server performance issues too, this too will be included in upcoming update. We are working tomorrow to see if we can have it ready for late Saturday, been pushing late overtime every night for past few weeks as we really love the game and want players to have a good experience.

We'll add a couple more admins once we update too.

Folding - For Science

Folding@Home is a project started by a group of Stanford scientists which uses are unused computer processor cycles to fold proteins. BoN now has an open group that participates in this project.



What is Folding?

Folding is the process of folding proteins to see why, and how they fold in order to cure diseases. When these proteins fold, they sometimes do not fold correctly, causing diseases such as Alzheimer's. One of the outcomes of this project is to hopefully create synthetic polymers to carry out the same processes as the proteins, but do them with nano-technology instead of using the diseased protein.

Basically, proteins are folded, then observed, and then artificially recreated.

Why should I fold?

The first reason you should fold is because it helps with the advancement of medical research. You may have a family member or friend with a disease that can be cured by folding. You can also help the population in general by stopping these diseases from existing in future generations.

The second reason you should fold is because it doesn't interfere with your regular procesing. When you use your computer, you don't necssarily use up all of the processor. Folding@Home uses the unused cycles of your processor and doesn't interfere with your daily work. It just leeches on your unused processing power. This is a very good idea if your computer is left on over night without anything to do.

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