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    Halo Infinite Modders Are Already Unlocking (and Creating) New Vehicles

    Halo Infinite modders have begun adding previously unplayable vehicles, and even creating their own new ones.While widespread modding is still fairly rare for the game, some players are beginning to tinker with the game's files. So far, that seems to have yielded the best results with...
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    Square Enix Reveals Its Cancelled Survival Horror Tomb Raider Game

    As part of its 25th anniversary celebrations for Tomb Raider, Square Enix has published three new videos featuring an array of details from the cancelled survival horror game Tomb Raider: Ascension.As shown on YouTube, the three videos focus on different elements of what could have been for...
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    PewDiePie to take a break from YouTube next year

    By this point in time we all know who PewDiePie, otherwise known as Felix Kjellberg, is. As the first YouTuber to hit 100 million subscribers on the platform, he’s behind a juggernaut of video content with each upload hitting millions of views, and earning him untold amounts in ad revenue.The...
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    Follow Us on all our Social Media

    Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives and is a great way to stay connected with others and stay up-to-date on our latest news and trends. If you're not already following us on social media, now is the time to start.Following us on social media allows you to stay informed...
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    Google to abandon YouTube Gaming app

    Google has revealed that it is preparing to retire the YouTube Gaming app, in favour of building a general gaming community across YouTube as a whole.The post Google to abandon YouTube Gaming app appeared first on Green Man Gaming Blog.Continue reading...
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    Bop a buddy or journey through jungles

    Welcome back, Minecrafters, to another Friday of PC Realms maps! Based on last week’s numbers, loads of you went nuts for A Giant Quest! We had fun stomping around and staring down the dragon as well.Let’s get into this week’s maps!Makers Punch by MineMakers TeamMakers Punch was a...
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    Story Mode Episode 6 falls out of the sky next week

    Next Tuesday, be prepared to launch yourself through “A Portal to Mystery”, the first of three new Story Mode episodes. The political chaos of Sky City is behind them, but Jesse and crew may be leaping out of the frying (and possibly flying) pan and into the fire.Fresh perils await them in an...
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    Realms map explosion and free weekend trials

    Hello Minecrafters!Minecraft Realms has just been upgraded!Load a minigame or map which features a custom resource pack and you’ll be asked if you’d like to download the new assets. Some maps have been updated with the packs that they originally used, such as Color Cube and Bloxorz, but...
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    Realms is packed with awesome maps

    Minecraft Realms is getting even more exciting! We’ve packed it to the brim with fresh mini-games, maps to spark an epic adventure, and intricate custom spawns.Realms gives you and your friends a persistent Minecraft world. It doesn’t matter if the host is online or what time of day it is...
  10. Wren

    Movie night

    Movie night recommendation thread. (We'll have a bunch of movie nights) One movie per post Use the 'winner' post rating on the movies you want to see Genres/Descriptions/Trailers/Scenes etc of each movie that you recommend would be helpful
  11. mtw

    gud music n0 h8te mi colecton uf gud muzic aggain n0 h8te ples ty
  12. Josrence

    I made Rapture in Minecraft BEFORE IT WAS COOL

    Minecraft Skin Mod - Genetech Undersea Station Minecraft Skin Mod - Genetech Undersea Station - YouTubeThis was a really popular video, put it up a few years ago. One day I decided that I was going to make it private to the public. Then Google Accounts happened, and proceeded to cut off access...
  13. C

    ModCorner: Mod / Texture Pack Reviews and Free Advertising!

    ModCornerBasically, I will review your modifications for no cost whatsoever, give you some constructive feedback about the modification, and otherwise tell users just how to use the mods and why they might want to use them. So this seems like a win-win situation between developers and actual...