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Realms map explosion and free weekend trials

Hello Minecrafters!

Minecraft Realms has just been upgraded!

Load a minigame or map which features a custom resource pack and you’ll be asked if you’d like to download the new assets. Some maps have been updated with the packs that they originally used, such as Color Cube and Bloxorz, but we’re even more excited about the new things that you’re going to come up with. Sound-based challenges, animated lightning swords, or a narrated museum tours. Go wild! And read on for the details.

To show off the feature, we’ve added an awesome ski resort adventure map from The VoxelBox: The Muk-Luk Lodge. It features a cast of original characters, plenty of wintry ambiance, and some sick sled jumps, making it a cool example of our new features. Read their travel brochure, or click the trailer below to find out what else awaits.

Though that’s one of our faves, there are a lot more maps worthy of your attention. Check out creations from our infinitely talented mapmakers.

Sharks vs. Steve by Twitchnitr0

Sharks vs. Steve is a map with a simple concept: fight off waves of gold, lapis, and LASER sharks! This map features a custom sound resource pack, so turn up volume to hear all of the pew pew. Play solo, or add friends for increased difficulty.

Point Runner by CitrioN and Xisuma

Point Runner is a fast-paced game that’ll give your fingers a good work out! You score by running over ore blocks, but they disappear as soon as you touch one! Point Runner features three different sets of maps and a ton of replayability.

Silent Ville by Springstof

Silent Ville gives you the chance to start a new survival world amidst detailed farm buildings and a plentiful amount of wheat. A bread-based diet may not be the healthiest, but it’ll sure help you survive your first few days. Stay safe!

Labyrinth by samasaurus6, buckingirl4, MineyCow

The video up there is great, but dive into this map with a few friends and you’ll soon realize why we’ve included this mind-bender! Your goal is to find the rooms that correspond with your key color, while avoiding traps that slow you down. While this goes on, everyone is shifting the map to their advantage.

Build-off Parkour by SlicedLime

Build-off Parkour fuses building and parkour challenges together to create a refreshingly original map concept. Each turn, you can choose to place three blocks or attempt to complete the parkour challenge. If you make it too easy, your opponent might complete it before you! If you make it too hard… good luck!

A Treemendous Spawn by The VoxelBox

A Treemendous Spawn is another way to start a new survival world, and features a treehouse and some other lovely flora. The VoxelBox’s build team teased that they will only submit pun-based Realms maps titles from now on, and it appears they’re making good on their promise.

Zomberman by Brutec

Zomberman is a Minecrafty spin on some classic explosive gameplay. Step 1: someone set us up the bomb. Step 2: Blow up anything that isn’t you! Switch the map to huge and invite seven friends for the ultimate challenge.

Desert Ruins by AKAMc

Desert Ruins starts your survival world in the midst of a number of sun-baked dwellings. We’re sure it used to be quite the vacation spot, but now it’s a bit of a fixer-upper. If you’re up for the challenge, load it up and restore some life to the lost civilization.

Bubble Shooter by SlicedLime

Bubble Shooter’s gameplay will be familiar to many, as it’s been a popular style of game for over 20 years. What’s most impressive is that this was done in Minecraft, with no mods! Line up your shot, shoot a colored block at two of the same color, and pop – they’ll disappear. The current high score at the office is 17,500.

We’ve also got a few maps that aren’t new to Realms, but that we haven’t gotten a chance to show off previously: Random Skies by Dragnoz, Spindlewood by The VoxelBox, Splatter by SethBling, and Solitaire by JesperTheEnd. Most of these maps are also available for anyone to download through the creator’s linked site.

36,000 free trials

To celebrate the new maps, we’re releasing 36,000 14-day trials into the wild! If you haven’t had a Realms subscription before, start Minecraft for PC, choose Minecraft Realms from the main menu, and if a trial link is shown, it’s yours to claim! A number of trials will be available each hour, so if you don’t see one, check back throughout the weekend.

We hope that you’ll love these features and maps as much as we do. If you have a favorite vanilla minigame or map that you’d like to see featured on Minecraft Realms, visit the Realms community on Reddit and drop us a trailer or map download.

Have fun!

Marc – @Marc_IRL

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