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Halo Infinite Modders Are Already Unlocking (and Creating) New Vehicles

Halo Infinite modders have begun adding previously unplayable vehicles, and even creating their own new ones.

While widespread modding is still fairly rare for the game, some players are beginning to tinker with the game's files. So far, that seems to have yielded the best results with vehicles, including those that can't be controlled in the release version of multiplayer.

Veteran Halo modder RejectedShotgun (via PC Gamer) has made the Pelican dropship fully flyable. And while he thinks it could still use a little work, the result is absolutely stunning. “The Halo Infinite Pelican is super detailed,” he explained. “It has a ludicrous amount of detail – there is so much going on.”

“Halo Infinite just recently dropped and luckily the game is similar enough to previous Halo's to be moddable,” they explained in the video’s description. “As the most important starter mod, I went ahead and did a flyable Pelican vehicle in multiplayer.”

Longtime Halo modder Gamecheat13 has also managed to get the Phantom dropship working in-game, seemingly revealing that you can explore its interior in the new game.

Gamecheat13 has gone even further, creating their own Scorpion-Warthog hybrid, affectionately dubbed the Tank Hog. Combining a Scorpion tank’s turret with the base Warthog, this weird tank/4x4 hybrid packs some hefty firepower.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Tank hog in action – this mod was earlier available in Halo: Reach, by changing the Warthog turret HLMG child object to combine the awesome firepower of the Scorpion tank with the versatility of the Warthog.

All of these mods are currently being developed in the Multiplayer version of Halo Infinite, with the main campaign due to launch on December 8. Whether or not 343 Industries will respond well to these mods remains to be seen, but the studio has previously encouraged modding in the Master Chief Collection – releasing extensive mod tools to the community.

343 Industries recently looked at Hallo Infinite’s Battle Pass system after complaints that it was just too difficult. The studio responded swiftly and has since addressed this in a recent update.

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