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    TeamSpeak server updated to 3.12.1

    Clients do not need to do anything as long as they are runnign client version 3.3.2 or above. Original post from TeamSpeak
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    TeamSpeak Server updated to 3.11.0

    The TeamSpeak server has updated to 3.11.0, users of older channels may notice the codec has changed to a better sounding one, because this update enables the newer audio codec by default on those channels. All users should notice the server performs slightly better a well. Don't forget you can...
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    TeamSpeak updated to 3.10.0

    Our TeamSpeak server has been updated to 3.10.0, hopefully all our users will see improved performance while using the server. BETA FEATURE : the server supports IPv6 connections at 2001:41d0:800:1f6c:: We are pleased to announce that our TeamSpeak Server version 3.10.0 has left the Beta...
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    How to Update to the TeamSpeak 3 Client Beta

    Press Tools => Options Select the Application tab on the left hand side. Change the Update Channel drop down to Beta. Press Apply and then OK. After you have pressed OK, select Help at the top of the TeamSpeak Window and press "Check for Update". Press the install button that has now...
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    TeamSpeak server voting links

    Please vote for the TeamSpeak server at the following links, every little helps, prizes will be given out for the top voters each month. You can get rewards for voting on by linking your Steam account to your TeamSpeak identity, please message !steam to VoteBot in the...
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    Automatic Free Private TeamSpeak channels

    TL;DR? Click here : Free TeamSpeak Channels for All Members! Tired of Discord? You can now automatically make your own private TeamSpeak channels on our server, anyone is welcome to make a channel, and it is completely FREE. So How Do I Get a Free...
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    Free Automatic TeamSpeak Channels

    If you've signed up to the site you can now get yourself a FREE TeamSpeak channel by clicking TeamSpeak at the top of the page and then Make a TeamSpeak Channel, or Click Here You'll need to have connected to the TeamSpeak server at least once and you'll need your TeamSpeak UID (Ctrl + i in the...
  8. A

    How can i get sub cahnnels to my channel

    I want a few sub chanels and i don't know how ca i get them pls help
  9. A

    Any ways I can get higher than guest on my server groups?

    Please can i know how i can get a higher rank in ts.
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    SameTeem Changelog 29/09/2013

    - New theme - A few more arcade games. - An updated home page with TeamSpeak connect link/statistics. - Tapatalk added for mobile users.
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    Updated server list coming soon! :)
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    Basic SameTeem Information

    For people who just want to join and chat with us : TeamSpeak IP : IRC :