TeamSpeak Server updated to 3.11.0


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Feb 16, 2011
The TeamSpeak server has updated to 3.11.0, users of older channels may notice the codec has changed to a better sounding one, because this update enables the newer audio codec by default on those channels. All users should notice the server performs slightly better a well. Don't forget you can get a free TeamSpeak channel at

Change-log below:

## Server Release 3.11.0 15 January 2020

### Important
-  Channel with deprecated codecs (Speex/CELT) are being updated to use Opus instead.

### Added
- The query command `privilegekeylist` also returns the `token_customset` now.
- The query command `channellist` has a new option `-banners`

### Changed
- Because of degraded performance on larger servers, the new hint system has been disabled per default.
- Made further improvements to timeout and latency handling for larger servers.

### Fixed
- Adding or removing user in ServerQuery groups may have returned invalid error codes.
- Changing `serverinstance_guest_serverquery_group` properly ensures only
  ServerQuery groups can be assigned.

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