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TeamSpeak Server Ranks


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Feb 16, 2011
Here's a list of the current teamspeak ranks/roles and teamspeak icons/roles available on the TeamSpeak Server, most of these are achievable by anyone but some are exclusive..

Special Event Days​

These ranks are only given out on specific days of the year, you cannot just get these ranks.

These following ranks are automatically assigned on their respective days, you do not have to do anything to get them.

Easter 20xx
Halloween 20xx
Christmas 20xx

Exclusive Special Ranks​

You typically cannot get these unless you are a very well known and/or an old member of the community.

BoN Oldie - Given to old members of the BoN community.

Social Ranks​

You can get these by following or interacting with us on Social Media, these will be assigned automatically if you link your myTeamSpeak to Twitch at https://www.myteamspeak.com/userarea/my IF you have followed and have not received your rank or do not want to link your account please PM staff on the server to have it assigned manually.

Followed SameTeem on Twitch - Get this rank by following us on Twitch
Tier 1 Twitch Subscriber - Tier 1 sub on Twitch

Donator Ranks​

These are special ranks that are given to users who have contributed to the server in various ways, this can be via donations, contributing code or helping us translate the site and servers to spread the love.

Donator - Donate anything over $5 via the site or directly, please message an admin if you would like your rank added.
Translator - Given to users who have helped translate features of the site or game servers.
Coder - Donated some code to the server.

Time Based Ranks​

You get these for being ACTIVE on the server, not just idling in a channel, any time in the AFK channel is not counted whatsoever. These are automatically assigned by our friendly bot.

X Hours/Days/Months/Years

Voting Ranks​

You can get these ranks by voting for the server at https://teamspeak-servers.org/server/6231/vote/ make sure yo !link your Steam account with Votebot on the TeamSpeak Server. These ranks are automatically assigned if you have linked your Steam account. You can also vote at other sites by looking here https://sameteem.com/threads/teamspeak-server-vote-links.16224/

1 Vote
5 Votes
10 Votes
20 Votes
30 Votes
40 Votes
50 Votes
60 Votes
70 Votes
80 Votes
90 Votes
100 Votes
120 Votes
150 Votes

Staff Ranks​

These ranks are only for Staff

Server Admin - The people who run the server and provide the technical backbone for the server.
Helper - These people are there to help normal users with any problems they have.

Free Channels​

We also operate a free TeamSpeak server if you need a free channel. If you want a free TeamSpeak channel on the server please read about it at https://sameteem.com/threads/automatic-free-private-teamspeak-channels.14586/ or to just get the channel go to https://sameteem.com/teamspeak/makechannel
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