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Copied from home BoN forums, as a general reference. Really these should not need to be here, but hey, some people don't understand common courtesy.

Small Changes

I am making small forum changes over the next few weeks, this thread will list them for reference.

-Changed CSS hierarchy for styling on BoN Staff/Moderating groups. Moderating is now "4" instead of "900" and BoN Staff is "5". This averts issues with people who have blue portraits also having blue names.

Minecraft 1.6

Has been announced, as many of you probably know.

Please be advised all users on BoN servers should not update unless instructed to do so, often it will take twenty four hours for plugins and craftbukkit to update properly.

This is an early warning of possibly downtime and/or instability over the course of the next three days.



Just thought i'd remind everyone that nearly every BoN service is paid for out of my own pocket, and these things add up. So this is basically just a friendly hey, if you like what we're doing here why not consider becoming a VIP? or even a one off donation?


Considering it's the end of the week I decided to take some time to give you guys some forum upgrades.

First on the list is syntax highlighting:


if (x > y):

print("x is greater than y")

x = x -1


print("x is less than or equal to y")


Second is a who has been online recently tab down the bottom.

Also Admins/Moderators of forums have had their user boxes highlighted to provide faster recognition of an official answer.


... your code goes here ...


If you want to select specific line inside your code, please do this:


... your code goes here ...


For multiple lines selection:


... your code goes here ...


Multiple separate lines selection:


... your code goes here ...