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    TeamSpeak Server Ranks

    Here's a list of the current teamspeak ranks/roles and teamspeak icons/roles available on the TeamSpeak Server, most of these are achievable by anyone but some are exclusive.. Special Event Days These ranks are only given out on specific days of the year, you cannot just get these ranks. These...
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    Apex Legends Ranks

    The free to play Battle Royale FPS Alex Legends almost came out of nowhere when it was released back in early Feb 2019. Since then it has gained a huge following with its action-filled seasons, new legends, huge vertical maps and more. Apex Legends ranks were also something that was introduced...
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    Gears 5 Multiplayer, Ranks, Ranking System Explained

    Gears 5 multiplayer is arguably one of the best things about Microsoft’s fifth entry in its ultra-violent, cover shooter franchise. Rife with different modes and challenges, we’ve got everything you need to know about Gears 5 multiplayer, Gears 5 ranks and the Gears 5 ranking system. Lancers at...