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    Automatic Free Private TeamSpeak channels

    TL;DR? Click here: Free TeamSpeak Channels for All Members, Free TeamSpeak Server to Join! Need an alternative to Discord? Want to take back your privacy? Demand the absolute highest audio quality you can get? You've come to the exact right place, you...
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    Realms map explosion and free weekend trials

    Hello Minecrafters! Minecraft Realms has just been upgraded! Load a minigame or map which features a custom resource pack and you’ll be asked if you’d like to download the new assets. Some maps have been updated with the packs that they originally used, such as Color Cube and Bloxorz, but...
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    TeamSpeak Wanting to purchase a channel

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place, I had no idea where to put it. Simply put, I have a group of people that mainly play CS:GO and LoL. Our channel is in a Teamspeak server that's going down in the next few days (Zombies Unite). We are looking to buy a new channel and sub channel for...