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Multiversal RPG Dragonheir: Silent Gods Announces Collaboration with Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons Brand

Popular characters from the world of Dungeons & Dragons and Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer’s voice will be making their way onto the Multiversal Plane in Dragonheir: Silent Gods in the coming two years as the fantasy adventure title releases in the second half of 2023.

International Publisher and developer Nuverse and SGRA Studio announced a collaboration with Wizards of the Coast, a division of Hasbro, Inc, that will bring Dungeons & Dragons characters into their upcoming multiversal RPG Dragonheir: Silent Gods later this year.

This post-launch content will appear as seasonal updates that expand the multiverse with new locations to explore, enemies to slay, and other well-known characters from the Dungeons & Dragons lore.

In order to defeat their opponents, players must engage with strategic, turn-based combat, combining their adventurer party’s strengths and synergies to unleash powerful magic and merciless steel on monsters of all kinds and sizes. Dice rolls play a major role in Dragonheir: Silent Gods’ combat, enhancing gameplay and adding a stroke of luck to every situation adventurers might find themselves in.

As part of the licensed collaboration with Wizards of the Coast, popular characters from the Dungeons & Dragons lore will appear on the multiversal plane in Dragonheir: Silent Gods. Erttu, the menacing balar demon who revels in chaos and destruction will reign havoc on the denizens of Adenthia. To challenge his demonic reign, adventurers must enlist the help of Drizzt Do’Urden, a drow ranger and fabled hero of the North known for fighting against the dark powers.

Set in the magical high fantasy open world of Adenthia, Dragonheir: Silent Gods allows players to take on the mantle of The Chosen One and fight against the tyrant three-headed dragon alongside adventurers from all corners of the multiverse, exploring ancient caverns and unraveling secrets as they forge their own story.

“We are beyond excited to be working with Wizards of the Coast to bring iconic Dungeons & Dragons characters into our game.” said Sagi, Lead Developer at SGRA Studio. “All of us at SGRA have been fans of Dungeons & Dragons for years now, and only dreamed of creating stories about legends such as Erttu and Drizzt, let alone being able to directly bring them into our game! We cannot wait to see players forge their own legends - Dragonheir: Silent Gods is our love letter to high fantasy RPGs and we’re excited to release the game later this year.”

“SGRA are an enthusiastic team of Dungeons & Dragons and fantasy fans, and we believe their passion combined with industry experience will make Dragonheir: Silent Gods exceptional and unique.” Spokesperson at Nuverse commented. “Nuverse is committed to bringing high-quality game experiences to players around the globe, and we believe Dragonheir: Silent Gods is a great example of a game that will excite and intrigue.”

“Dungeons & Dragons is a beloved IP for players all around the world, and we have exciting and ambitious plans to expand its reach into new media spaces.” said Eugene Evans, Wizards of the Coast, SVP Business Development & Digital Licensing. “This is an exciting time for the brand, and we’re thrilled to bring the characters of Dungeons & Dragons to life with new audiences, and have found great gaming partners in SGRA and Nuverse. The IP integration strategy of Nuverse combined with SGRA’s passion and dedication to quality content create a collaboration we are excited to be an integral part of.”

Last but not least, the legendary Dungeon Master and one of the most prominent figures in the world of Dungeons & Dragons, Matthew Mercer, will be lending his voice to Dragonheir: Silent Gods. In addition, a series of collaborative activities within and beyond the game will be launched. According to Matthew, if you're a fantasy RPG fan, and are looking for the next title you can play on PC and Mobile devices, check out the new title Dragonheir!

Dragonheir: Silent Gods will release on PC and mobile devices in the second half of 2023. For more information, visit the game’s official website or follow Dragonheir: Silent Gods on Discord, Facebook and YouTube.

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