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Dragonheir: Silent Gods Comes to Multiple Platforms on September 19

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is an open-world role-playing strategy adventure that's coming to Windows, Mac, Epic, iOS, and Android on September 19. It's the next big project for Nuverse, the team behind the Marvel Snap battle card game that's seen over 30 million downloads since its October 2022 launch.

Dragonheir was highlighted at Apple WWDC 2023 for its use of Apple technology like Spatial Audio and Refresh Rate Adaptation, and it's already garnered 3 million pre-orders across the globe. Early bird adventurers who start playing now will be showered with rewards and player incentives, like the chance to participate in the Global Launch Special Giveaway. Win Amazon gift cards, game codes, or an iPhone 15 Pro Max. You'll also grab tons of great in-game rewards and rare items for participating in Dragonheir's welcome quests.

In Dragonheir, you choose from three kinsfolk and four classes to serve as your vessel in your journey through the fantasy world of Adenthia. Build up attributes like strength, intelligence, and charisma as you fight to regain the powers and memories you instinctively know you once possessed. With over 600,000 words of storyline text at launch and 25 hours of single-player content, prepare for a journey that's filled with treasure hunts, warm companionship, and fights galore.

A Wide World Ruled by Dragons and the D20

Adenthia is a multi-planed realm with a sprawling, content-packed map that encompasses an area proportionate to a scaled-down Europe. Unlike Europe, Adenthia has a problem with rampaging dragons–just one of many problems your journey through Adenthia might lead you.

You might manage to keep your skin if you make the right connections, equip yourself well, and outsmart the monsters by using the right battle tactics at the right time. But as with life, Fate has a say in your hero's outcome. A roll of Dragonheir's digital D20 can turn a bad journey into a bountiful one, or turn a lucky run into a charred streak of ill fortune.

Dragonheir's gameplay is built on an innovative new battle system that's flavored by classic Western tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons. As with these in-depth adventures, Dragonheir lets you create your own adventurer, customize them however you want, then roll dice to determine how they fare on the road, and in battle. Wherever you go in the huge world of Adenthia, you do so on your own whim.

Let the Dice Fall Where it May

Dragonheir's dynamic narrative changes depending on the actions you take on your path to becoming a legend. Interact with a host of adventurers from other races, classes, and other planes of existence. Take down massive bosses and monsters to find reams-worth of loot.

Your story is built up through your skill in battle and bonding, but the D20 will always get its say whether you're fighting, conversing, stealing, and persuading. Roll to hold your own during a drinking contest, to steal a striking piece of loot, or get lucky in love. You might win the day as fortune's favorite–or you might become its broken plaything as you're forced to suffer the consequences of bad luck. Even the most charismatic and suave leader will find themselves quickly humbled by a critical failure, meaning no two playthroughs of Dragonheir will be the same.

Adventurers can count on having to get their blades dirty to achieve milestones in Dragonheir. Its semi-real time combat is a combination of grid placement, strategy, and dice rolls. When the boots hit the battlefield, you decide whether to fight or defend, push ahead or retreat. As always, fortune has a say in your success thanks to Dragonheir's fickle (or merciful) D20 rolls. Truly, the ultimate test of skill is overcoming your enemies and whatever twists Fate throws at you.

Adjust Your Arms and Your Army

No matter where your luck falls in Dragonheir, you're going to want some muscle to back you up. (And in the case of the Undead, some nasty, lingering tatters of muscle tissue.) There are nearly over 200 heroes to collect across eight unique combat traits, six elemental types, nine moral alignments, 20 kinfolks, and 21 classes.

That adds up to over a million ways to build and customize your 5-player team. Assemble and adjust your heroes' formations to suit your strengths. Utilize dynamic battlefields to strike your enemies with some extra elemental oomph. Familiarize yourself with your companions' skills and weapons to build up and unleash powerful combo attacks.

Recruit help from races like Humans, Iskallan Dwarves, Dark Elves, and the Undead. Train up Sorcerers, Knights, and Death Knights. You can outfit your new friends (though "friends'' is only applicable if you didn't blow your charisma check) with equipment, runes, and divine artifacts to boost their stats. Heroes can break their limits with ascension materials that are won through struggles with mighty dragon bosses. How you mold your band of friends and abominations is up to you.

Get Ready to Test Your Skills–and Your Luck

The variety of possibilities in Dragonheir means anyone with an adventurer's heart will be able to find oceans of enemies to conquer, find an array of allies to fight with, and discover piles of treasure to plunder.

Download Dragonheir: Silent Gods right now and make sure to check out its giveaways. Participate in official Dragonheir social media interactions for a chance to win Amazon gift cards, rare gift codes, an iPhone 15 Pro Max, and more. You can also win valuable items by taking part in in-game activities like "One Step Ahead" and "Explore the Community." You might score rare Dragon Essence Stones, or even win legendary heroes. Use the gift code DRAGONGL. (All caps.)

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