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Marvel Snap Publisher Nuverse’s Next Project? Fantasy RPG Adventure Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Fresh off of winning “Best Mobile Game of the Year” at the 2022 Game Awards, publisher Nuverse is ready to share their next project, Dragonheir: Silent Gods. Not looking to slow down, Nuverse continues to work with leading developer teams dedicated to making fun and immersive games for us all to get lost in. This time, instead of superheroes and villains battling it out in a strategic card game, we’ll head to a rich fantasy world in need of adventurers like you. The latest title is developed by SGRA Studio, a newly-formed team of industry veterans inviting us into the world of Adenthia, an enchanting land filled with dwarves, orcs, death knights, dark elves, sorcerers, and more.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is an online fantasy multiplayer RPG that launches players into the center of an ancient conflict spearheaded by the Three-Headed Dragon Queen. Players assume the role of the chosen one and assemble a team of heroes with complimentary power sets and abilities for an open-world RPG adventure across multiple planes and dimensions. There are four classes to choose from in creating your character type, soldier, thief, sage and entertainer. Each will have its strengths within six attributes such as strength, charisma, wisdom, and dexterity.

[H1]Strategy & Strength In Numbers[/H1]

A wide array of activities and pursuits await in the open world of Dragonheir: Silent Gods - hunt for treasure, solve intricate puzzles, join a drinking contest or a cooking competition, and shape your hero’s story in any way you want.

Players won’t take on this adventure alone. The world of Adenthia has over 200 heroes with unique abilities and attributes just waiting to join the fight against the darkness gripping the land. You can also take on the bigger challenges alongside your friends and comrades in a cooperative PvE mode in which players can team up to slay the most formidable enemies and forge their glory together. The different build options also mean endless possibilities to customize your party members to ensure your crew stands out. Your unique set of strengths will also play a key role in recruiting some of them to join your party.

Fans of strategic combat will love the unique blend of chess-like strategy, different character abilities, and a stroke of luck while rolling the dice to see who fortune favors this round. While turn-based combat is fast-paced emphasizing proper character placement, knowing how your characters can take advantage of different terrains is pivotal in deciding who emerges victorious.

[H1]More To Come[/H1]

In December, we wrote about how Dragonheir: Silent Gods is looking to capture the fun of tabletop classics. Between Dragonheir: Silent God's modern graphics engine and their involvement with Nuverse, the game continues to add to the promise and anticipation ahead of release.

SGRA and Nuverse have a busy schedule and a full slate of post-launch seasonal content that introduces new quests, characters, and dimensions along the way. Doing so encourages players to experience something new each time they log in all the while expanding the world-building and adding to the adventure.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is set to release in the second half of 2023 so PC, iOS, and Android players can look forward to slaying dragons and saving the world together very soon. Stay tuned for more updates and ensure you're ready when it's time to step up as the chosen one.

To track the progress, check out the official Dragonheir website as well as their socials on YouTube, Discord, and Facebook!

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