Guide How to Install Steam Skins

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    Did you know you can get custom steam skins? You can! Here is how.
    Step 1
    First you must download a steam skin. Here is some you can download.
    Step 2
    Once you have the file you must extract it. After you've extracted it go here.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\skins
    It may be different than you, but that is the default installation location.
    Step 3
    Drag the file(s) into the folder.
    Step 4
    Go to Steam, hit the Steam button in the top right and select settings
    Step 5
    Choose the Interface tab on the settings panel. Then on the drop down arrow select your skin.
    Step 6
    Restart Steam, open it and your skin should be there! :D
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    P.S. This is the Air skin.
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