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    Check Which Games Are Playable On Steam Deck Before Launch

    The Steam Deck promises to cram a gaming PC into a handheld format, and now Valve is testing out what games work well on the platform. Valve is introducing a system of symbols to tell players how individual games perform on Steam Deck. There are four tiers of compatibility within this new...
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    Steam Bans Blockchain Games That Issue NFTs or Cryptocurrency

    Games that feature blockchain technology that allows for the exchange of NFTs or cryptocurrency will no longer be allowed on Steam. According to a new rule on Steam's partner onboarding page, Valve says distributors shouldn't publish, "applications built on blockchain technology that issue or...
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    CD Projekt Offers a Glimpse Of The Witcher 3 Running On Steam Deck

    CD Projekt Red has offered fans a brief look at how the Witcher 3 will run on Steam Deck, using a number of short clips to show off various aspects of the game running on the new handheld. Showcased in a series of tweets posted on the Witcher 3 Twitter account, fans will be pleased to see that...
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    Valve's Official Steam Teardown Gives Us a Detailed Look At the New Portable Device's Innards

    Valve has uploaded an official teardown of its Steam Deck, two months before the portable gaming console is released. The roughly five-minute video is a walkthrough on how to not only open up the Steam Deck but how to replace the thumbsticks and SSD included with the handheld. Despite being an...
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    Monster Hunter Rise Comes to Steam in January - Tokyo Game Show 2021

    Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter Rise for PC (via Steam) will be released on January 12, 2022. Announced during Tokyo Game Show 2021, the Steam version of the game boasts a number of updates to the original Switch version: 4K resolution support, high-res textures, uncapped framerates...
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    Play Age of Empires 4 Early in a Technical Stress Test Today

    Age of Empires 4 is holding a Technical Stress Test starting today, and it will be open to everyone through Steam and the Xbox Insider Hub in Microsoft Store. The test will go from Friday, September 17 at 10 a.m. PT through Monday, September 20 at 10 a.m. PT, according to a news post on the Age...
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    The Last Campfire, From the Creators of No Man's Sky, Has a Steam Release Date

    Hello Games, the creators of No Man's Sky, has revealed that The Last Campfire is coming to Steam next month. More specifically, the cozy puzzle game will hit Steam on October 7. If you're unsure if The Last Campfire is for you, Hello Games is releasing a playable demo for the game on October...
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    Steam Deck in the 'Final Stages of Development', Dev Kits Being Sent Out

    Valve says that its upcoming handheld PC, the Steam Deck, is nearing the end of development – and the company has begun shipping out a limited number of dev kits for testing. In a post on the Steam Store, Valve has confirmed that its upcoming Steam Deck is "in the final stages of development"...
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    No Man's Sky Gets Steam Review Redemption, 5 Years Later

    Following the launch of Frontiers, the recent No Man's Sky expansion that added settlements, expanded base-building options and more to the game, the title has finally surmounted a huge milestone in its redemption arc with a change in its Steam review status – having progressed from...
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    The Witcher 3 is more popular on Steam now than on its launch day

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt released in 2015 and has been a stalwart of the top games on Steam ever since, but never has it been more popular than it is right now. If you head over to Steam Charts, you can check out the concurrency numbers for the action RPG, with it hitting around […] The post...
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    Warsaw: Historical WWII RPG releases via Steam

    Tactical WWII RPG Warsaw has launched for PC via Steam, backed up by a launch trailer which shows its gameplay and characters. The post Warsaw: Historical WWII RPG releases via Steam appeared first on Green Man Gaming Blog. Continue reading...
  12. Lark

    Rise of Legions

    An addictive game that shows promise if it can get the numbers. Currently queue times seem to be less than a minute however it only shows as matching vs 25 players. Easy to pickup hard to master. 7/10
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    Follow Us on all our Social Media

    Don't forget to follow us on all our social media! Like Us on Facebook Join our Steam group Follow us on Twitter Subscribe to us on YouTube There will be random giveaways on our social media at times, so please follow to get notifications of these, we'll usually post with the hashtag...
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    Discussion Post your Steam ID here
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    Public Mordhau Duel Server

    Hello everyone, We've started a new public Mordhau duel server for all the slasher fans out here, the server name on the in game server list is "SameTeem Duels" You can also join the server through the console with the domain/host : The TeamSpeak...
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    Counter Strike Condition Zero Server

    Hello everyone, We've put up a new Vanilla Counter Strike Condition Zero server for all the retro CS fans out here, the server name is | CZ The server has completely vanilla gameplay, but is running the standard AMXX plugins for GoldSrc server. You can Join the TeamSpeak channel...
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    Left 4 Dead 2 Server Launched

    Want to shoot some Zombies just like the good old days? We've put up a new Left 4 Dead 2 server for all the retro CS fans out here, the server name is | Left 4 Dead 2 The server is modded to allow more than 4 players to play at once, so feel free to get more than 4 friends in on...
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    Cobalt is 65% off in the Steam Summer sale!

    Hello! The PC version of Cobalt is featured in the Steam Summer sale! It’s got a whopping 65% off it’s standard price! If you’re a fan of crisp combat, cute robots, slick combat and absolute bargains, click the handy button below. I’ve embedded a trailer above but it you prefer promotional...
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    Cobalt coming to Xbox and Steam on February 2nd

    Hello! I bring exciting news! We’ve locked down Cobalt’s release date. It’s coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Steam for PC on February 2nd. It’ll cost $19.99 or equivalent. I am slightly biased, but it’s worth mentioning that Cobalt is an excellent video game. Your experience may vary, but...
  20. S

    Finally got a kickers steam ID

    Joined a server, another joined. Then this git comes in and kicks us both. Happens a lot but finally got this guys steam ID, could you do something Wren? <3 STEAM_1:0:58792761