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God of War PC Specs Revealed, and Horizon Zero Dawn Adds a New PC Feature

God of War developer Sony Santa Monica has revealed the game's specs ahead of its move to PC while Nvidia has announced that Horizon: Zero Dawn's PC edition is also getting a new feature today.

The PC specs for God of War have been released by Sony Santa Monica prior to the game's Steam launch on January 14, 2022.

As per the specs detailed below, to run the game at its minimum requirements of 720p resolution at 30FPS, players will need to be packing an Nvidia GTX 960 or AMD R9 290X alongside an Intel i5 processor (or equivalent) and 8GB ram. The game itself will require around 70GB of free space which can be installed on a standard hard drive, though it's recommended that players run the game via a solid-state drive (SSD) even at low-performance settings.

Ultra graphics settings will allow players to run the game in 4K at 60 FPS though the hardware needed to do so is significantly higher in spec. In order to run the game in Ultra, PC players will need an Nvidia RTX 3080 (10GB) or AMD RX 6080 XT (16 GB) as well as an i9-9900k (8 core 3.6 GHz) processor (or equivalent) plus 16 GB of ram. To see how your PC will shape up, you can check the full range of the game's specs below.

In addition to releasing the specs for the game, Nvidia GeForce has also released a trailer detailing a wealth of new features coming to God of War with its PC release. As can be seen in the video below, these include NVIDIA DLSS support for increased performance, Nvidia Reflex support for more responsive gameplay, higher resolution shadows, improved screen-space reflections, and more.

As well as announcing new features for God of War's upcoming PC launch, Nvidia has revealed that Horizon Zero Dawn's PC edition will also include DLSS support as of today. Nvidia notes that players with an RTX graphics card should receive up to a 50% extra accelerated performance in the game.

The inclusion of DLSS support for Horizon Zero Dawn comes alongside a number of other titles set to receive the feature this month including Ratloop Games' Lemnis Gate, RocketWerkz’s Icarus, and Deep Silver's new sci-fi action-adventure game, Chorus.

Horizon Zero Dawn first made its way to Steam on August 7. For more from Guerilla's jump from console to PC, make sure to check out this article detailing our full Horizon Zero Dawn PC analysis.

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