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    God of War Has Passed Horizon Zero Dawn and Is Now Sony's Biggest PC Launch

    God of War on PC is off to a strong start and has passed Horizon Zero Dawn to become Sony's biggest launch on the platform with an all-time peak of 73,529 players so far,The stats were revealed by SteamDB, a site that tracks Steam's data, and it revealed God of War reached that number on...
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    God of War PC Specs Revealed, and Horizon Zero Dawn Adds a New PC Feature

    God of War developer Sony Santa Monica has revealed the game's specs ahead of its move to PC while Nvidia has announced that Horizon: Zero Dawn's PC edition is also getting a new feature today.The PC specs for God of War have been released by Sony Santa Monica prior to the game's Steam launch...
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    Google Stadia Launch Titles revealed

    Google Stadia launches on the 19th of November, and we now know exactly what games you’ll be able to play on that day when the servers go live for the public. Google announced twelve titles for the grand launch next week, with a further 14 coming before the end of the year.The post Google...
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake Combat Revealed During Square Enix Live

    After years of After years of anticipation, we finally got a glimpse of how Final Fantasy VII Remake’s combat is going to work.The post Final Fantasy VII Remake Combat Revealed During Square Enix Live appeared first on Green Man Gaming Blog.Continue reading...