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    God of War PC Specs Revealed, and Horizon Zero Dawn Adds a New PC Feature

    God of War developer Sony Santa Monica has revealed the game's specs ahead of its move to PC while Nvidia has announced that Horizon: Zero Dawn's PC edition is also getting a new feature today.The PC specs for God of War have been released by Sony Santa Monica prior to the game's Steam launch...
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    Deathloop PC Specs Revealed, Supports AMD's Supersampling Tech

    With Deathloop less than a week away, Bethesda has released the hardware requirements needed to run the PC version. In addition to specifics on the minimum and recommended specs required to run the game, Bethesda has also revealed that the PC version will include support for FidelityFX Super...
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    Far Cry 6 PC Specs Are Reasonable Unless You Want to Go Max Settings

    Far Cry 6 is roughly a month away, and ahead of the game's official October 7 release date, the system requirements needed to run the PC version have been officially revealed.The game’s minimum specs are not too heavy, with an AMD Ryzen 3 1200 or an Intel Core i5-4460 processor and either an...