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    Civilization's Past and Future, As Told By Its Lead Designers

    Sid Meier's Civilization turned 30 years old in 2021, which might make your bones hurt (it sure hurt mine). Every main entry in the series has had a new designer at the helm, starting with Sid himself all the way back in 1991, and we were fortunate enough to talk to four of them: Soren Johnson...
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    Days Gone Sequel Would Have Explored a ‘More Technical Direction’

    Days Gone game director Jeff Ross has said in a recent interview that a sequel to the game would have moved the series in a "more technical direction" had Sony decided to revisit the franchise for a second time.In a recent interview with USA Today's ForTheWin, Ross spoke further about where...
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    Silent Hill Creator Thinks Remaking His Horror Classic Would Be More Difficult Than Remaking Resident Evil

    Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama has said that he thinks remaking his horror classic would be more difficult than remaking a Resident Evil game.During an interview with VGC, Toyama was asked whether the idea of Konami remaking a Silent Hill game would interest him - given that Capcom has...
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    Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition Rated by South Korean Games Rating Board

    Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition - which one could assume would contain remastered versions of Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas - has been rated by Korea's Game Rating and Administration Committee.This rating was spotted by those like @Nibellion on...
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    Titanfall 2 Was Abandoned By EA, And Then Things Got Weird

    The 32nd page of an exhaustive PDF document called "Operation Red Tape'' is christened with the headline, "Discussing throwing 'leads' about Jeanue to an IGN journalist." It was uploaded by the team behind the website SaveTitanfall.com on August 6 as the definitive conclusion on one of the...
  6. Lark

    SameTeem CS:GO Team Looking for players

    Looking to fill around 15 player spots for a SameTeem squad.This squad would comprise of an A and B team. The level of skill would be a team that is entered into amateur level tournaments online. We are trying to test the waters and get different teams set up starting with CS:GO.We're...
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    Sony’s E3 conference – What we would have seen

    E3 2019 has ended, but throughout the conference, one question rang out amongst attendees and those watching online; where the heck is Sony? Well, announced at the rear of last year, Sony told the world that for the first time in E3’s 25 year history, they wouldn’t be attending. This means no...
  8. I

    Accepted Sir Eamonn Manahan

    GN: Sir Eamonn Manahan Have you played our server before? no Steam information: | steamname: IceJJfish | steam3ID: [U:1:108789817] | steamID32: STEAM_0:1:54394908 | steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198069055545 | customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Wrenuld | steamrep...
  9. Yandrewsh

    Denied Whitelist Application

    IGN: YandrewshSteamID64: 76561198061310638Have you played our server before: No, I have not yet.Reason for VAC ban: I was foolish in my younger days and tried a script on DayZ to soon be banned. This was 947 days ago and I have never touched a script mod hack or any 3rd party cheats.PS -...
  10. hooty203

    PC Help

    Hello, My PC has been having thermal episodes continuously and frequently. These thermal episodes or I should just say episodes because I'am not 100% positive that they are heat related (although nearly positive). Well any ways, as I was saying these episodes started right off the bat 6 or 7...
  11. BuriedfoREVer

    Suggestions For Aggression PVP

    These are some suggestions i have for the server that would probably help it grow more.Bring back the 1.7.3 Spawn. (It was really good for PVP and this new one is way too big and confusing for new players)Revert the faction plugin to the old format. (It was a lot better and easier to...
  12. A

    Help Aggravate Out :D

    So I stopped playing LoL when they released Rumble, but I might start playing a bit more frequentlysoon, the only problem is that I have no idea what to expect from the new champions in terms of builds / counter builds, sure I could figure this out myself but I have you guys to help me :).If...
  13. S

    Armour Question

    I have seen and downloaded the skin for the uniform but have a question about war, what if the enemy is wearing armour. If we wear it to combat them then our insignia will be covered up and we might attack each other.