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Jul 23, 2011
Looking to fill around 15 player spots for a SameTeem squad.

This squad would comprise of an A and B team. The level of skill would be a team that is entered into amateur level tournaments online. We are trying to test the waters and get different teams set up starting with CS:GO.

We're looking more at people are committed to playing together. People who are good mechanically and can work well with others. A minimum age requirement would be 16+.

At this time we're mainly looking for Europeans as a geographical pool of players.

By all means if you are interested and from elsewhere in the world then comment. (If we find that there is a mass amount of interest from another location then it would make sense to get another team going.

What we can offer you:
We obviously have a private channel on TeamSpeak for our squads to communicate. With a good uptime the server is reliable, unlike discord that sometimes drops out and has random downtime in the middle of matches.

We also have private cs:go servers that can be used for practising, scrimming and matches.

We'll be aiming to help with supporting your practising by reviewing match replays, helping point out areas of improvement and also from mediating between teammates.

What we want from you:

A good level of commitment. Ideally on for at least an hour per day either practising with your team or playing a scrim/match.

Professionalism. This one is pretty obvious. As a team player you would be representing SameTeem. We wouldn't want anything that would effect the SameTeem brand in a negative way.

If you are interested in anything that has been said here then please leave a comment detailing your name on TeamSpeak and cs:go rank. Also include any additional information you think appropriate.

Thank you.
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