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    Exo One Blends Journey-like Gameplay With a Beautiful, Galactic, Sci-Fi Tragedy

    Imagine an open world Sonic game, but Sonic has his own controllable personal gravity machine. Or imagine Marble Madness inside No Man’s Sky. Or think of Tiny Wings, but with found footage and a space tragedy. Somewhere in the middle of all these imaginings you might get an idea of Exo One, a...
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    Homeworld 3 is Coming Next Year With Bigger Space Battles Than Ever

    Blackbird Interactive just announced at The Game Awards that Homeworld 3, the long-awaited space RTS sequel, will be launching from the mothership in Q4 of 2022. While we've known it was coming for a while, we didn't know many details until now. So we had a chat with Blackbird's CEO Rob...
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    Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2 Announced

    Warhammer 40k: Space Marine is returning after more than a decade. During The Game Awards, Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive announced Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2, a sequel to the third-person shooter first released in 2011.The new trailer shows everything you'd expect from a...
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    Homeworld 3 Is Coming in Q4 2022

    Homeworld 3 will be released during Q4 2022, marking an end to what will be an almost two-decade wait for a new entry in the sci-fi real-time strategy series.Announced during The Game Awards 2021, Homeworld 3 got a trailer mixing cinematics with in-engine footage, and announcing the game's...
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    Lone Echo 2 Review

    I’m a service robot drifting through an abandoned space station. My superior is chattering in my ear trying to set up the stakes of the story, but I’m too busy to listen because I’m playing with a toothbrush. After batting it around in zero-gravity like an impatient cat, I use my finger to prod...
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    A Glimpse of the Updated USG Ishimura Is the Last Dead Space Remake Update of 2021

    While EA Motive has shared a brand-new look at Dead Space Remake's USG Ishimura, it also revealed that this would be the last update for 2021.Motive shared the news on Reddit in a post that explained a bit more about what the team is focusing on and how it is taking fans' feedback to heart...
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    Next Space Rebels - Announcement Trailer

    Take a look at the announcement trailer for Next Space Rebels, coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in Fall 2021. In Next Space Rebels, players will develop from a naive rocket hobbyist into an experienced space activist by designing, building, and launching rockets of increasing complexity...
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    Haunted Space Gameplay Trailer

    This spooky space combat game bends sci-fi and horror in a story-rich adventure based on exploration, fast-paced dogfighting, trading, and ship crafting. Do you have what it takes to defeat the ancient god-like creatures that haunt space?Continue reading...
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    The Best Space Games on PC

    Space has captivated the dreams of humanity since we were first able to look up. Now is no different, that’s why space is one of the most popular settings for games, either in a sci-fi variety or a more realistic experience. Take a trip to the stars with us as we look through the absolute […]...
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    How To Play Star Wars Squadrons Co-Op

    It can be lonely in space, but in Star Wars Squadrons co-op modes you don’t need to face space alone. You can take up to four friends in Star Wars Squadron’s multiplayer co-op modes, forming your very own mini squadron as you battle through the stars. Remember; in space no-one can hear you...
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    The Evolution of R-Type

    Most gamers know that space is full of some weird stuff, and that, for the most part, it’s the kind of stuff you’re better off blowing up with a spaceship. While Space Invaders might be the most famous example of what’s wrong with space, R-Type taught us to keep calm in the face of the […]The...
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    Kerbal Space Program 2 delayed till after April 2020

    Originally penned for release sometime before summer 2020, it has recently been revealed that the sequel to the hit spaceship building game will now only see its launch sometime after April 2020 and could even be delayed to early 2021.The post Kerbal Space Program 2 delayed till after April...
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    A game that has massive depth for any 4x grand strategy space game. Play as a peaceful trading Civ or enslave specific races of intelligent beings. Commit genocide or protect your allies! 10/10
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    Dead Space Alumni Working On PUBG Narrative Game

    The creator of Visceral’s iconic horror series Dead Space is now working on a game based in the universe of… PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds?Please don’t adjust your monitors – this is real! And it actually sounds quite promising. PUBG Corp is booming off the back of its breakout success...