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Random game reviews of things we've played. Check out our steam curator page here, and don't forget to follow us.
A game that has massive depth for any 4x grand strategy space game. Play as a peaceful trading Civ or enslave specific races of intelligent beings. Commit genocide or protect your allies! 10/10
This game is certainly no realistic hacking simulation... BUT boy can you have some fun. With a little parkour style game-play here and some sci-fi city computer operating system hacking there 8/10
An addictive game that shows promise if it can get the numbers. Currently queue times seem to be less than a minute however it only shows as matching vs 25 players. Easy to pickup hard to master. 7/10
A realistic WW2 Shooter with immersive team play and real world applicable strategy. The game is early access but with a publisher like Team-17 the only way is up for this new game. 9/10
Probably the greatest hospital sim since Theme Hospital. Great overall.Visually the game is fine, not something I really care for in this type of game to be fair but it does the job well enough.In terms of the story, there is basically no complex story to follow, just a set of objectives to complete on each level.The game could use more variety though, it can be beaten by employing pretty much the same tactics every level.Story : 4/10 Visuals : 8/10 Variety : 8/10 Humour : 10/10 Replay value : 8/10