RoK: Server updated to Alpha 13


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Feb 16, 2011

- Added small Falling Leaf particles when chopping trees


- Player skin is about 50% brighter (now more similar to Alpha 11)
- Ambient light from ground more dynamic
- Bloom effect a bit more common
- Some specular highlights will have bloom now
- Night made a bit darker

Bug Fixes:

- Potential fixes for inventory items disappearing or swapping.
- The item cache can now be saved after a player disconnects.
- Items inserted into an occupied cache slot will now take the next available slot.
- Items De-serialized with a cache hit as the wrong type or quantity will be reconstructed.
- Removed underwater air pocket in lake
- Fixed a bug that would spam "Server is restarting..." if a server fails to shut down.
- Potential fix for players getting launched by trees
- Ballista retains it's last aim direction when you begin aiming
- Ground Torches and Low Quality Tables fixed to have batch size of 1
- Fixed interact range on Ancient Crown Pedestal
- Swamp Ambient sounds should stop playing sooner after leaving the biome
- Wind sounds shouldn't cut off as harshly
- Chickens killed in distant pages won't become giants
- Dejembe Drum can no longer be placed on walls/ceilings fixing an exploit
- Fixed a bug that would not allow player specific formats for name, chat or guild.
- Fixed dropped item sacks that wouldn't remove themselves after 10 minutes. All dropped item sacks should now remove after 10 minutes.

Design Changes:

- Ballista bolts now do 100 damage was 60.
- Trebuchet stones now do 900 damage was 500. Scaling of damage and radius of damage has also been better balanced when firing multiple trebuchet stones.
- Trebuchet explosion radius increases by up to 50% depending on ammunition quantity
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