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Star Wars Mandalorian Video Game Reportedly in the Works at Respawn

Star Wars Jedi and Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment is reportedly working on a first-person Mandalorian video game.

Insider Gaming reports Respawn’s Mandalorian game, which in the early stages of development, lets players control a Mandalorian bounty hunter during a time when the Empire is dominating the galaxy. IGN has asked EA for comment.

The player is reportedly tasked with taking on bounties for cash, as you might expect from a Mandalorian video game. There’s word the iconic Mandalorian jetpack plays a part in the game’s “high mobility”, with boost sliding similar to that seen in Respawn’s battle royale, Apex Legends.

It’s said to be “fast-paced”, with health regenerating upon successive kills. Gadgets supposedly include a wrist rocket, grapple hook, and a visor for tagging enemies and bounties. According to Insider Gaming, this Mandalorian game is not open world, rather made up of linear levels set across multiple planets. There’s no word on multiplayer. As for when this game will come out, Insider Gaming reports it’s still a year or two away at least.

It’s extremely busy times for Respawn, which is working on the ongoing live service Apex Legends, the third game in the Star Wars Jedi series, an untitled Star Wars first-person shooter, and even a Star Wars strategy game.

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