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Star Wars: 10 Amazing Hot Toys Figures Revealed for May the 4th

May the 4th is always a popular time for revealing new Star Wars collectibles, but Hot Toys really went all-out for this year's Star Wars Day event. Hot Toys is participating in the new "Power of the Dark Side" promotion, so their reveals focused on the villains of the Star Wars franchise. That includes franchise icons like Darth Maul to comic book favorites like the evil droids 0-0-0 and BT-1 to even Expanded Universe Sith Lords like Darth Revan and Lord Starkiller.

Keep reading for a full breakdown of all the amazing Hot Toys figures revealed for Star Wars Day, including image galleries and links to preorder the figures yourself.


0-0-0 is an evil protocol droid known for hanging around Doctor Aphra and Darth Vader in Marvel's Star Wars comics. This figure includes alternate hands with some of his hidden torture weapons and light-up LED eyes. Unlike most of these figures, 0-0-0 is actually shipping now, though he was only sold in limited quantities and you'll have to join the waitlist for a chance at buying one.

Order the 0-0-0 figure here.


There's no point in releasing a 0-0-0 figure without his faithful companion, the astromech droid BT-1. The BT-1 figures includes removable, head-mounted weaponry. Unlike 0-0-0, BT-1 is not a limited release and will be released between October 2024 and March 2025.

Preorder the BT-1 figure here.

Clone Trooper (Gold Chrome Version)

This figure is a rerelease of Hot Toys' previous Cone Trooper figure, but decorated in a gold metallic paint scheme. It includes swappable helmets to create both Phase 1 and Phase 2 Troopers, as well as other accessories like blaster rifles and a jetpack. Like 0-0-0, the Clone Trooper is beginning to ship now but has already been waitlisted on the Sideshow site.

Preorder the Clone Trooper (Gold Chrome Version) figure here.

Commander Cody (Chrome Version)

Accompanying the gold Clone Trooper figure is a metallic chrome variant of Hot Toys long-sold-out Commander Cody figure. As with the Clone Trooper, Cody includes both Phase 1 and Phase 2 helmets and a wealth of weapons. This figure will also begin shipping soon and is currently waitlisted on Sideshow's site.

Preorder the Commander Cody (Chrome Version) figure here.

Darth Maul

After releasing versions of Darth Maul inspired by both The Clone Wars and Solo: A Star Wars Story, Hot Toys is returning to The Phantom Menace for its latest Maul release. This figure is an upgraded version of the original DX18/DX19 Darth Maul release, with a substantially improved head sculpt being the main selling point. Once again, fans can either buy the figure by itself or with a Sith Speeder accessory. Both versions are expected to ship between April and September 2025.

Preorder the Darth Maul figure here.

Darth Revan

With the Star Wars Expanded Universe apparently now fair game for Hot Toys, it's only fitting that one of their first figures is of nights of the Old Republic villain Darth Revan. This figure includes realistic weathering on the armor and twin LED lightsabers. Darth Revan is expected to ship between April and September 2025.

Preorder the Darth Revan figure here.

Lord Starkiller

Alongside Darth Revan, we're getting another gaming-inspired Sith Lord in the form of Lord Starkiller. This is the version of the character seen in the non-canonical Dark Side ending of 2008's Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. The figure includes multiple hands and an LED lightsaber, and is expected to ship between April and September 2025.

Preorder the Lord Starkiller figure here.

Luke Skywalker (Dark Empire)

Hot Toys' latest Luke Skywalker figure leaves the Skywalker Saga behind and instead takes its cues from the 1993 comic Star Wars: Dark Empire, which featured Luke succumbing to the influence of a cloned Emperor Palpatine. The figure includes two LED lightsabers (both red and green). It also comes in two versions, with the Artisan Edition version sporting rooted hair for that added dose of realism. Both versions are slated to ship between April and September 2025.

Preorder the Luke Skywalker (Dark Empire) figure here.

Shadow Trooper With Death Star Environment

Before Rogue One introduced us to Death Troopers, the EU gave us Shadow Troopers, elite, fanatically loyal Imperial soldiers decked out in black armor. This Shadow Trooper comes included with a light-up display base inspired by the Death Star, albeit with a haunting red glow. The Shadow Trooper is slated to ship between June and September 2024.

Preorder the Shadow Trooper With Death Star Environment figure here.

Stormtrooper With Death Star Environment

If you prefer your Imperial Troopers to be more traditional, Hot Toys is also releasing a standard white Stormtrooper figure. Like the Shadow Trooper, this figure comes with an LED Death Star base, though this one features the typical white glow. This figure is also expected to ship between June and September 2024.

Preorder the Stormtrooper With Death Star Environment figure here.

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