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BitCraft, a 'New Kind of MMORPG', Announced

Startup developer Clockwork Labs has announced BitCraft, a "new kind of MMORPG" that emphasizes player cooperation and allows players to have a large amount of agency over the game world.

The PC MMO, which you can sign up to play the pre-alpha build at on the official BitCraft website, features a mix of crafting, building, hunting, farming, trading, and exploration. It's also got a unique art style, which you can see for yourself in the trailer above and the screenshot gallery below.

“BitCraft is an MMO community sandbox game which takes place in an enormous, fully editable, procedurally generated landscape all hosted in a single unsharded world, providing players with an unparalleled level of creativity and depth,” said Clockwork Labs cofounder Tyler Cloutier.

The developers promise "unparalleled freedom and long-term character progression which enables players to create their own stories and write the new history of this world." Stay tuned for more on BitCraft as development progresses.

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