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    Monster Hunter Rise - Sunbreak Expansion: New Hub, Monster, and NPC Revealed

    We've learned more about Monster Hunter Rise's major Sunbreak expansion, with a brand new hub town, new monster, and new NPC revealed at The Game Awards.Shown off at The Game Awards 2021, we got a brief look at the new outpost for the expansion, called Elgado, as well as a royal new character...
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    Capcom's Monster Hunter Showcase: Everything Announced - Tokyo Game Show 2021

    Capcom knows you love to hunt monsters so the company brought almost nothing but Monster Hunter news to Tokyo Game Show 2021. In a video presentation, series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and Monster Hunter Rise director Yasunori Ichinose outlined a few upcoming additions coming to the game, and then...
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    Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Expansion Will Include a New Hub, Monsters, and Locations - Tokyo Game Show 2021

    Capcom has revealed a number of new details about its "massive expansion" to Monster Hunter Rise, Sunbreak.Announced during a Capcom showcase at Tokyo Game Show 2021, we saw a little more from the game's cutscenes and learned new details about the monsters and locations we'll be visiting...
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    Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak DLC Announced for 2022

    Capcom has announced the first major expansion for Monster Hunter Rise titled Sunbreak. The next expansion is set to release in summer 2022.The brief trailer showcased a terrifying new monster perched over dilapidated gothic ruins. Capcom is promising a new story, new locales, monsters, and...