1. Wren

    RoK: Get Whitelisted!

    Go here: will be whitelisted in the coming days (hopefully tonight) due to cheaters, we'll try to get as many people applied as possible before we make the switch.It will be unwhitelisted again at some point but all those who have...
  2. Wren

    RoK: Updated to Alpha 8

    Before connecting, please validate your steam files. Looks like cheaters will still be around. You can use /report <name> or hop onto TeamSpeak if you suspect anyone. Expect cheaters to be rampant in this...
  3. T

    Closed: Denied Banned from your servers

    I would like to start by stating some facts. I have never teamkilled anyone ever during my time here on Earth, and will not for however long it lasts. Sure, I may have "accidently" damaged a few souls here and there though it was involuntary, and was never my intention to severely harm said...
  4. Z

    Closed: Denied Banned from your servers

    I played a game awhile ago like last week against a admin i guess he had sameteem tag who thought i was hacking because i killed him everytime because he was bad i would like to request an unban as i don't hack and if you are wondering y it took me so long to ask for an unban because i have just...
  5. Admin

    Let’s talk about Minecraft servers…

    Hey!Most of you are familiar with the way Minecraft servers work, but lots of you aren’t. We’d like to fix that.Put simply, servers give Minecraft players the opportunity to play together online.There are many different types of servers, and we love almost all of them Apart from Minecraft...
  6. Admin

    Let’s talk server monetisation!

    Hello!Let’s get one thing clear: we love it when Minecrafters host servers. Tiny or massive, running vanilla Minecraft or loads of mods, we think they’re all great. Playing with friends in persistent worlds is awesome. Everyone knows that.Over the past week there’s been lots of discussion...
  7. Admin

    Minecraft 1.7.6

    Version 1.7.6 is now officially released. This version contains some bugfixes, a few updates to make Realms even better than it already is and prepares Minecraft for the renaming feature that will eventually allow you to rename your player. The renaming feature will not be available right now...
  8. Admin

    SameTeem Cinema Server

    We've put together a pack on the Steam9 workshop which you can subscribe to and reduce the time taken to connect to the Cinema server lately.
  9. Wren


    Updated server list coming soon! :)
  10. Admin

    SameTeem Official Servers
  11. Admin

    Aggression is back

    IP : Hop in. Vote for the server to get different prizes every day
  12. Admin

    1.1 Update Out

    Server updated, map was reset to get the lovely new biomes.
  13. W

    Aggression down

    Aggression is currently down, pending issues with the datacenter who hosts it.Please be patient, we are fixing this as fast as we can.In the meantime our events server is still up!Head over to for some more minecrafting!Sorry for the inconvienceEdit...
  14. The Noodle

    Servers and the like.

    The info section should be updated and working now, we're always adding new things. To view the section click 'Servers and Services.'
  15. W

    Minecraft 1.6

    Has been announced, as many of you probably know.Please be advised all users on BoN servers should not update unless instructed to do so, often it will take twenty four hours for plugins and craftbukkit to update properly.This is an early warning of possibly downtime and/or instability...