1. Admin

    Killing Floor 2 Server

    Come join us for some Killing Floor 2 at our new server : IP : or SameTeem in the server browser. As usual the TeamSpeak is if you need help. The server is running completely stock settings so you can enjoy the game as intended by the developers. Please...
  2. Admin

    CSS Gun Game Server (Breakmaps)

    We have a CSS GunGame server! Who is Welcome to Join? Anyone, there is no whitelist. Server location London, UK. Player slots? 20, this will be increased if needed, or additional servers will be created. How Do I connect to the CSS Gun Game Server? Click on this link...
  3. Lark

    SameTeem CS:GO Team Looking for players

    Looking to fill around 15 player spots for a SameTeem squad. This squad would comprise of an A and B team. The level of skill would be a team that is entered into amateur level tournaments online. We are trying to test the waters and get different teams set up starting with CS:GO. We're...
  4. Lark

    Accepted Lark's amazing staff application

    Steam Profile: Age: 30 (nearly 31) Country of residence: UK Timezone: GMT / BST Why are you applying for the position? I've been an active member of the SameTeem TeamSpeak for quite a while and am well known by various members. Why do you think you'd fit...
  5. [Minecraft Custom Maps] Military Infiltration - EP01

    [Minecraft Custom Maps] Military Infiltration - EP01

    [Minecraft Custom Maps] Military Infiltration - EP01
  6. Wren

    Server Information

    Staff List: Wren PM - STEAM Echo PM - STEAM Server Addresses: (type connect <address> into the console to join the server) TeamSpeak: Vote Page:
  7. Hargut

    We want Rok-Sameteem back, with rules!

    Hello, where is teh new server with teh new good rules ?! Hargut aka "best looking dude around" wants to play on good ol sameteem again and others too!
  8. K

    Accepted Ned the Great Whitelist Application

    IGN (In Game name) : Ned Ironside of Bolton Have you played our server before: No. Steam information: Alright my steam information must be this: | steamname: [FG]Xoom/Ned | steam3ID: [U:1:97326608] | steamID32: STEAM_0:0:48663304 | steamID64:
  9. B

    how do i apply for whitlisted servers?

    hi, im new to this website and was hoping someone could help me to apply for the whitelisted servers as hackers are just too much on the normal servers. Thanks.
  10. Wren

    SameTeem Breaking Point server

    Everyone with dayz should get on the sameteem breaking point server. The Thread We're all going to play and I suppose create different alliances and betray eachother and ruin friendships and stuff. DOWNLOAD BREAKINGPOINT HERE Connect from the launcher to a random server Leave the random...
  11. 1GreyGhost

    The Official My Little Pony Fan Club Version 2.0

    You knew it would be coming back, and so it is. That's right folks straight out of the BoN forums is the OMLPFC of SameTeem Version 2.0. Prepare yourself for more awesomeness and wickedness than ever before. Be amazed by the magic of the unicorns, the flying of the pegasi, and the normalicy of...