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    Halo Co-Creator Joins EA To Set Up New Seattle Studio

    Marcus Lehto, the co-creator of Halo and the founder of Disintegration studio V1 Interactive, has announced that he has joined EA as a game director.Announcing the role on Twitter, Lehto revealed that he is building a new studio in the Seattle area. This new studio will work on "first person...
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    Halo's Creator Offers a Gorgeous Glimpse of Halo In Unreal Engine 4

    Macus Lehto, co-creator of Halo, has given fans a look at what the original Halo: Combat Evolved might have looked like if it had come out in 2021. The image, which was made using 3DS Max and Unreal Engine 4, features Master Chief, the Warthog, weapons, and the iconic Halo ring itself.Lehto...