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    Rainbow Six Siege Snow Brawl Event Is One Big International Snowball Fight

    Rainbow Six Siege is gearing up for the first Rainbow International Snowball Fight with its upcoming Snow Brawl event. This holiday-themed celebration will put players on either the Orange Blizzards or the Blue Blades to compete for victory in a snow-filled capture the flag game mode...
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    Check Out a Full Boss Fight From Elden Ring

    IGN got its first hands-on playtime with FromSoftware’s upcoming Elden Ring. While you can read our full hands-on preview, we also got a new clip featuring a boss from the RPG, Margit the Fell.Margit the Fell is an Elden Ring boss who’s quite easy. No, I’m kidding, he’s tough and you can see...
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    Metroid Dread Corpious Boss Fight and New Ability Gameplay (Treehouse Direct 2021)

    Nintendo Treehouse ended its E3 2021 presentation with another round of new Metroid Dread gameplay. This time around the crew shows off the Corpious boss fight and Samus' Spider Magnet and Phantom Cloak.Continue reading...
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    Valve to fight anti-competition ruling against Steam

    Earlier this year the European Commission launched an investigation into several games companies with a focus of looking into “suspected anti-competitive practices.” In particular, the EC was investigating the habit of geo-blocking games, the practice of restricting the ability to purchase...