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The Night Wanderer Is a New Soulslike Based on a Best-Selling Polish Fantasy Novel Series

Developer Mighty Koi Studio announces The Night Wanderer, a new sci-fi/fantasy soulslike with RPG elements based on the Polish book series "Lord of the Ice Garden" by Jarosław Grzędowicz.

Mighty Koi, established in 2022 and also at work on the just-announced Thorgal, describes The Night Wanderer as such: "Players will take on the role of Vuko Drakkainen - a mercenary sent to the mysterious planet Midgaard to find a lost scientific expedition. The storyline combines science fiction with traditional fantasy. The gameplay will feature a compelling protagonist, an engaging story, and a vivid, extraordinary world shaped by mysterious forces."

Drakkainen is also the main character of the novel, which is a four-volume saga that was first released in 2005 and completed with the fourth novel in 2012.

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