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Feb 16, 2011
(In our opinion)

For Admins :

This theme includes a few extras admins may find useful when running their servers, such as client database ID and first connection times, the features from this theme could easily be copied to an alternate theme however, even for dark theme users.

For Dark Theme lovers :

Darken TS is our top pick, purely because the colour scheme matches and the style seems to be generally well though out, it's also not too dark on the eyes.

NekoSpeak is also a well though out theme, a little too dark to be our number one but a good contender.

If you're an IntelliJ/PHPStorm/PyCharm user you'll be very familiar and comfortable with this specific theme, it's designed to mimic the style of JetBrains products.

For people who love getting flash banged (light themes)

This theme is a purely improved Default TeamSpeak Style/Theme, it just tidies up small bugs/annoyances in the default theme.

While it is geared towards admins there is nothing wrong with a normal client using this theme.

Want something else? Check out all the available themes here :

Need a free TeamSpeak server to test your shiny new theme on? We offer free channels on our public TeamSpeak server
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