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Tekken 8 Boss Addresses Online Cheating, First Balance Patch Released

Tekken 8 boss Katsuhiro Harada has addressed cheating in ranked play that players believe is affecting online leaderboards.

In a tweet, Harada said Bandai Namco had launched an investigation into the match data of the top ranked players on the leaderboard who have been reported for cheating in online matches, including in ranked.

Harada added that anyone found to have cheated their way to the top of the leaderboard will be issued with an in-game warning, and during upcoming maintenance their data will be reset and their account suspended. “We will update you on the status of this matter as soon as we have more information,” Harada said.

Cheating has become an early days concern for legitimate players of Tekken 8, which launched on January 26 across PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and S.

IGN’s Tekken 8 review returned a 9/10. We said: “Tekken 8 is an incredible evolution for the series, with tons of single player content, an excellent suite of training tools, a great online experience, and exciting new mechanics that make Tekken more dynamic than ever.”

Meanwhile, today, February 7, Bandai Namco released Tekken 8’s first significant post-launch patch, which brings the game up to v1.01.04. The balance patch makes replay data from before the update unavailable, and replay data from before the update will be deleted. Ghost data from previous versions remain available, but character behavior and moves will be updated with the balance changes brought by the patch.

Tekken 8 Update 1.01.04 Patch Notes:

  • Balance adjustments Moves behaviour & properties for some characters have been adjusted. See the detailed list of changes in the image below.
  • Other game-related bug fixes.

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