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Remedy Lowers Minimum System Requirements for Alan Wake 2 on PC

Alan Wake 2's hefty system requirements shocked many PC gamers when they were announced last year. The requirements noted that you needed at least an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 or an AMD Radeon RX 6600 GPU to run the game at 1080p / 30 frames per second (FPS), with no support for older GPUs such as Nvidia's GTX 10-series. Roughly four months after its release, Remedy has released a new patch that lowers the minimum PC system requirements and allows older PC gaming rigs to run the game.

Remedy posted the new system requirements, which you can check out below, to X/Twitter alongside the release of update

The minimum requirements now call for at least a GTX 1070 or an RX 5600 XT graphics card. As previously noted by Remedy, if you have either GPU, in addition to the other minimum specs that remain unchanged, you can run the game at 1080p / 30FPS.

As Remedy mentioned in the patch notes for Alan Wake 2 update, the developer has "optimized rendering for GPUs that don't support mesh shaders." The GTX-10 series lacks mesh shader support, which is a type of code that allows game developers to process polygons with more power and control, enabling things such as greater detail. This results in a detail-rich in-game environment but leaves older PC gaming rigs in the dust.

Yet, even if you don't have an RTX 1070 and are rocking an RTX 1060, which is still one of the top five most-popular GPUs PC users are using as of a Steam February 2024 hardware survey, you will get a slightly better performance than you did at release, as Digital Foundry's Alex Battaglia pointed out in his recent retesting of Alan Wake 2 running GTX-10 series cards. While the GTX 1060 still failed to run 30FPS, Battaglia discovered that the GTX 1060 got a performance improvement, with some demanding areas now putting out 26FPS instead of 18FPS.

In IGN's Alan Wake 2 review, we said: "Alan Wake II is a superb survival horror sequel that makes the cult-classic original seem like little more than a rough first draft by comparison."

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