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Palworld Sells Over 1 Million Copies in Just 8 Hours as Steam Servers Struggle to Cope With Launch

Palworld has sold over one million copies just eight hours after launch, developer Pocketpair has said.

Palworld, dubbed ‘Pokémon with guns’, launched this morning, January 19, and quickly shot to the top of Steam’s best-selling games list and broke into Steam’s top-four most-played games list by concurrent players. At the time of this article’s publication, Palworld had overtaken battle royale PUBG into third place with 365,000 concurrent players and a 'very positive' user review rating.

Palworld’s true concurrent player count will be much higher, with the game also available on Xbox and Windows PC via Game Pass.

The huge influx of players at launch has caused server problems, however. Pocketpair said Palworld’s servers had become unstable, which may cause connection issues. “We are working to resolve this ASAP!” Pocketpair tweeted.

“In the meantime, some users have reported success in attempting to connect 2-3 times or waiting after launching the game," the developer continued.

Amid Palworld’s launch success, it’s worth noting the Xbox version lags behind the Steam version in terms of functionality. And now Palworld is out in the wild, Pokémon fans are expressing their concern at the similarities between both games.

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