Morgan_Miner's Ban Appeal no.2


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Oct 12, 2011
Hello dear Aggression staff.

My name is Morgan_Miner and i'm here to appeal a ban made sometime in august. The reason why I havent appealed was that i've had problems with accounts and mail adresses but now it's fixed.

I know Echo classed my ban as permanent but i really want to come back to the server again, so i have decided to make another try. First, have a look at this:

Dannie: Remove your client mods and we'll give you another chance.

Unbanned, next time you are caught committing an offence you will be banned with appeal.

Dannie | Aggression Administration

Which is why i appealed, dannie said so. The reason why I got banned again was, i believe, of a misunderstanding. It started with me using pvp cheats. I appealed and got unbanned. Later, I wrote an illegal sign that could make much items for free. it did not work though, they removed it earlier. i know why this is illegal and i am very sorry for it. I got jailed 4 hours for it i believe, and later i got released. After that, I behaved for a week or so, until I got banned for the same thing i had been jailed for earlier. I dont understand that since i was released, then 1 week later im banned for the exact same thing, even though i didnt break the rules again. This is from the ban report:

PvP Cheats, shop abuse. permanent.

The both things I had already been punished for. Now it's been over a month that i've thinked about my actions, and i really regret them. If i was to come back I would never break a rule again.

I miss my team the luck3rs very badly. Please give me another chance :(




Level 25
Aug 7, 2011
The server has plugins to detect hacking, if it was a misunderstanding the admins would know.

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