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How Long Is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League?

Traditionally, Rocksteady’s past Batman titles clocked in anywhere between 10 to 16 hours, but with Suicide Squad departing from the studio's usual single-player traditions, for a live-service co-op experience, you might be left wondering “Just how long is it”? Here we’ll let you know how long it took different IGN team members to finish their adventure to Kill The Justice League, and what they prioritised during their time.

How long is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League?

  • Our fastest player finished it in just under 8 hours.
  • Our “slowest” player completed it in 20 hours.

Every player is different, and as you read on, you'll get more details about how each of us played, how quickly we got to the credits, and what we focused on or ignored as we stomped through Metropolis. Finished the game for yourself already? Make sure to visit How Long To Beat to find out how your time compares to ours, or others!

Simon Cardy - Senior Editorial Producer

It took me between 10 and 11 hours to finish Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s main story. I pretty much mainlined it, completing around five or six support squad missions along the way just to make sure I was unlocking all of the basic abilities and crafting opportunities I’d need to take on Earth’s mightiest heroes. I never once felt underpowered, though, despite Amanda Waller warning me before each battle that I might want to level up a bit.

In fact, the only thing that really slowed me down was occasional server issues, that annoyingly happened multiple times during one boss battle, meaning I had to replay it several times. I’ve since spent another 10 or so hours engaging in some of the open-world activities such as Riddler puzzles and challenges, postgame Incursion missions, and grinding up my Captain Boomerang to gift him a full collection of Bane-themed weaponry. After 15 or so hours in total, however, I really did feel like I’d seen everything that Suicide Squad has to offer at this point.

Jesse Gomez - UK Video Producer

My playthrough was just shy of eight hours, all whilst playing on the default difficulty. My primary goal? To complete Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League in the fastest time possible, with just my AI companions to back me up. Throughout my time in Metropolis, I ignored all of the extra side-missions, dodged most of the enemy street encounters while making my way to missions and The Hall of Justice, plus, I avoided all of those pesky Riddler collectibles and challenges.

This resulted in a couple of the Justice League boss battles taking a little longer than expected, as I wasn’t packing enough extra firepower to take them down as quickly as I would’ve wanted. If I were to do it again, it certainly would’ve helped to explore the other challenges dotted across the map, and upgrade another character beside my main, Captain Boomerang, but after the six hour mark I felt confident enough in my playstyle to blast through the rest of the story.

Mitchell Saltzman - Senior Guides Producer

According to my game clock, I spent about 20 hours with Suicide Squad before hitting credits. I wasn’t aiming to be a completionist, and opted against doing much hunting for the Riddler trophies, but I did want to try and make sure that I completed new Support Squad missions whenever they popped up, as those side activities come with rewards that directly impact gameplay.

As a result I unlocked plenty of legendary crafting recipes, contract slots, vehicle upgrades, afflictions, and got tons and tons of crafting materials. I will say though, that if it was not for having to cover this game from a guides perspective, I don’t think the quality of the side missions, nor their rewards, would have compelled me to try and complete them all, which would’ve made my playtime dramatically shorter.

Destin Legarie - Director Video Content Strategy

Because I was capturing the entirety of my playthrough I can tell you that I completed the campaign in exactly 10 hours and 4 minutes. This included taking my time to interact with all the exhibits in the Museum, Hall of Justice, and even taking time to meander around the Daily Planet to see if I could spot any fun easter eggs. The 10 hour time also included a boss fight that I failed after taking a woefully under geared character into battle.

I wouldn’t say that this was rushing through the campaign, but the combat encounters and escort missions felt extremely easy to clear with my main Suicide Squad member Deadshot.

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