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High on Life #2: Exclusive Preview of the Comic Book Spinoff

The hit game High on Life is making the jump to comics this summer. As we wait for this promising new spinoff, IGN can exclusively debut cover images and interior art from the second chapter of the series.

Check out the slideshow gallery below for a closer look at High on Life #2:

The High on Life comic is written by Alec Robbins, a veteran of the game who also created the web comic Mr. Boop. The series is drawn by Kit Wallis (Wonderland) and colored by JP Jordan (Plough Man). Issue #2's main cover is by VV Glass (@ana_dapta on X and @anadapta on Instagram), while Cover C was designed using assets from the game. Cover B is yet to be revealed.Get a closer look at theupcoming spinoff from Titan Comcis and Squanch Games.

Here's Titan's official description for the new series:

Though they restored peace to the cosmos by killing Garmantuous, there's no rest for the Bounty Hunter when a brutal new threat to Humans shoots its way onto the scene. Armed with plucky & determined Harper - and the rest of the Gatlian gang - the series will take them on an explosive, twisting adventure across the cosmos.

A story of GUTS, GORE, REDEMPTION, and lost love, this brand-new miniseries will be a rollercoaster romp in the world of the eponymous video game.

High on Life #2 will be released in July 2024.

The High on Life game scored an 8 out of 10 in IGN's review, with Travis Northup writing, "High on Life is an irreverent, absurd shooter that manages to shine with its outrageous humor, silly setting and story, and some really goofy, foul-mouthed guns that pull the whole thing together for the vast majority of the time. Combat is a bit sloppy, especially during the first act, and the whole sci-fi adventure sometimes has an unpolished feel to it, but once you get some new tools of destruction and movement options, it rises to the occasion. Not all of its jokes find their punchline, but with memorable boss fights, unique alt-fire abilities and exploration, and way more terrible movies to watch than I expected, this wacky journey is definitely worth your time."

More recently, the game received its first expansion in the form of the DLC campaign HIgh on Knife.

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