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Helldivers 2 Leaks Reveal Mech Gameplay

A series of Helldivers 2 gameplay leaks have revealed a look at the upcoming mech vehicle type.

One snippet of gameplay, revealed by redditor fozzye18, shows a player exit and then enter a mech before stomping around a battlefield firing what looks like an auto cannon.

Take a look at this leaked mech gameplay from helldivers 2 @HelldiversAlert #HELLDIVER2 #mech #leak pic.twitter.com/Fz2KQxeZY1

— Kyudiepie (@Kyudiepie_) February 28, 2024

Since that initial post, more mech gameplay has emerged showing what looks like a datamined stratagem explainer video. In the clip we see a dropship set the mech down on the battlefield for the Helldiver to jump into. This mech, though, fires what looks like a machine gun on one side and a rocket launcher on the other.

And, even more recently, Helldivers 2 mech gameplay is popping across social media, giving us another look at the mechs.

More mech gameplay starting to show up on social media. #helldivers2 pic.twitter.com/2Wz2D3iglv

— Ulongtea 🇳🇬 (@ulongteagaming) February 29, 2024

The addition of mechs to Helldivers 2 would come as little surprise, and not just because of these leaks. Mechs were shown in an official Helldivers 2 trailer released on the PlayStation YouTube channel a month ago. Alongside the first look, mechs were said to be coming "soon after launch".

Meanwhile, players are speculating about the addition of a stratagem that calls in AI soldiers, and another that calls in a nuke-like meteorite. For a game that does explosions so well, a meteorite would no-doubt cause a spot of camera shake.

Now developer Arrowhead appears to have sorted out Helldivers 2’s server issues, it has time to return to its original post-launch plan, so hopefully we’ll get an idea of what to expect in terms of new content soon.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty to be getting on with in the world of Helldivers 2, including the ongoing galactic war against the bugs and bots. As revealed this week, Arrowhead employs a “game master” who runs the Helldivers 2 campaign like a D&D dungeon master. Perhaps, if Super Earth loses the current major order to push back the Automatons, the addition of mechs will help level the playing field.

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