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Dark and Darker Is Getting a Mobile Adaptation

PUBG: Battlegrounds publisher Krafton has announced a partnership with Ironmace to develop a mobile version of Dark and Darker.

No release window or specifics about this version of the first-person dungeon escape game were shared given Krafton only today announced the partnership between it and original developer Ironmace.

"We’ve been watching Dark and Darker's potential and distinct creativity with great interest," said Krafton's senior head of publishing Rafael Lim.

"From the genre to the setting of the overall IP, Dark and Darker tapped into something compelling with its existing PC release. Here at Krafton, we can’t wait to share these exciting dungeon runs with a whole new community of fans on mobile."

Darker and Darker has been a hot topic as much for its legal drama as its gameplay. Ironmace is being sued by Nexon for copyright infringement following a DMCA takedown in March which resulted in the game being removed from Steam.

The situation escalated as one Dark and Darker development team member shared a GoFundMe page asking for $500,000 to pay for legal fees, which was initially thought to be a scam but later uncovered as genuine. Irongate had planned a fundraising drive to launch at a later time if needed, but the one developer had prematurely released it.

The legal issues also arose not long before Ironmace planned to launch a public playtest, but since the game has been removed from Steam, Ironmace instead released the beta through torrents shared on Discord and later launched the Early Access version on Steam competitor Chaf Games.

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelance reporter. He'll talk about The Witcher all day.

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