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    Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Appears Set To Add Crossplay and Voice Acting In Upcoming Updates

    Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl will soon add crossplay during an upcoming update. Additionally, it has bean teased that voice acting is coming to the game . During a recent Hungrybox stream, art director Diego Hernández spoke about a number of announcements and requested features that are set to...
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    Sora's In Smash and Metroid Dread Is Amazing - NVC 581

    Welcooome to Nintendo Voice Chat! Your new host Seth Macy is joined by Sam Claiborn, Kat Bailey, and Kate MacPherson to talk about a huge week for Nintendo! First up, the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character is Sora from Kingdom Hearts, and the panel reacts to the final trailer, and...
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    Exploring 25 Years of Nintendo 64 History - NVC 580

    Welcoooome to Nintendo Voice Chat! The Nintendo 64 (and IGN!) turned 25 years old this week, so we've assembled a panel of N64 superfans to talk about Nintendo's wacky 64-bit machine. Join Casey DeFreitas, Peer Schneider, Seth Macy, and special guest Jared Petty to hear about everything from the...
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    The Mario Movie's Cast Is Bonkers and More Nintendo Direct Reactions - NVC 579

    Welcoooome to Nintendo Voice Chat! On this live Nintendo Direct post show, the NVC crew breaks down the craziest reveals from this week's Nintendo Direct, including the wild Mario movie cast. Join Casey DeFreitas, Peer Schneider, Brian Altano, and Seth Macy as they discuss Bayonetta 3's...
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    WarioWare Gets It (Kind of) Plus Nintendo's Involvement in Retro and Metroid Prime - NVC 577

    Welcoooome to Nintendo Voice Chat! A brand new WarioWare hits store shelves this week, and Casey DeFreitas is joined by Tom Marks, Taylor Lyles, and Rebekah Valentine to talk all about Wario's latest wacky game. Plus, hear about IGN's reviews for Life Is Strange: True Colors and Baldo: The...
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    New Destiny 2 Update Adds Cross-Play Voice Chat

    A new Destiny 2 update went live yesterday and it enabled cross-play voice chat, a little over a week after cross-platform play was added to the game. Bungie posted the patch notes for yesterday’s Hotfix coming to Destiny 2 and in them, the company lists cross-play voice chat as now...
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    What's the Best 3D Sonic Game? - NVC 576

    Welcoooome to Nintendo Voice Chat! Sonic takes center stage this week, as the panel discusses IGN's Sonic Colors Ultimate review, as well as the best 3D Sonic games in the series. Join host Casey DeFreitas, reviewer Mitchell Saltzman, Sonic superfan Logan Plant, and the wonderful Brian Altano...
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    Mafia Definitive Edition Characters and Voice Actors

    After 18 years, Illusion Softworks open-world 2002 mobster game Mafia has been remade for modern consoles. Developed by Hangar 13, the game has been rebuilt from the ground up, recreating 1930s Lost Heaven in all its gritty glory. As part of the remastered Mafia: Trilogy package, Mafia...
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    Rage 2 update adds Wolfenstein voice pack and New Game+

    Rage 2 has received a second update, this time adding a whole host of features that aim to add to the amount of time you spend with the game, and the game’s challenge. The post Rage 2 update adds Wolfenstein voice pack and New Game+ appeared first on Green Man Gaming Blog. Continue reading...
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    CS:GO: voice codec updated for the competitive servers

    This will improve voice quality for those who are using in game communication on our servers. Most mics will sound much better but some may sound worse, give it a try! http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2015/04/11936/