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Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Appears Set To Add Crossplay and Voice Acting In Upcoming Updates

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl will soon add crossplay during an upcoming update. Additionally, it has bean teased that voice acting is coming to the game .

During a recent Hungrybox stream, art director Diego Hernández spoke about a number of announcements and requested features that are set to be added into All-Star Brawl across the coming months.

While a specific date has not yet been confirmed, Hernández explained that crossplay will be entering the game in Q1 2022. The feature will allow All-Star Brawl players who own the game across any of its available platforms- PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S - to jump into battle against their friends regardless of whether or not they are both playing on the same type of device.

"We wanted to launch with crossplay," says Hernández in the interview. "But we came to the conclusion that we needed to wait a bit longer to fine-tune some of the details. We were just testing out the waters and seeing how the net code and everything worked first before introducing crossplay so I think it's finally time for it so we are confident about it and it's going to be out there soon."

While Hernández offered hard confirmation surrounding the arrival of crossplay into the game, it also appears that the game is set to add voice acting during a future update too. While not officially confirmed, Hernández explained that there was another popular fan-requested feature currently in the works by the development team.

"All I can say is that we have HEARD your requests, and we are HEARING what you're talking about." This teaser was then followed up by a further developer update on the game's subreddit, which stated "We've been HEARING your requests, and we'll make sure you'll be HEARING from us soon."

Elsewhere in the interview, Hernández announced that the game would be receiving its final free DLC character "in the near future" as well as a range of other (likely paid) content that will be coming to the game next year. The new character comes only shortly after the All-Star Brawl released its first free DLC character, Garfield. Prior to Garfield's arrival, rumors circulated speculating that fans wouldn't be able to play as the legendary lasagne-eating cat on Mondays - as per his notable disdain for the day - however, these turned out to be untrue.

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