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    Dune: Spice Wars Is a 4X Real-Time Strategy Game

    Shiro Games has announced Dune: Spice Wars, "a real-time strategy game with 4X elements based on Frank Herbert’s groundbreaking novel Dune". It will be released into PC early access next year.Created by the same team behind Northgard and published by Funcom, the game will include several...
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    The Best Strategy Games of 2021

    If critical thinking and strategic planning to achieve a victory over your opponent is your bag, 2021 had you absolutely covered.Here are our picks for the best strategy games of 2021.InscryptionInscryption is part card game and part puzzler, so it’s tricky to drop it neatly into a single...
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    Top 10 Strategy games 2020

    Greetings, strategos. If you’re here it’s because you have a passion for strategy. You may love the strategy of the battlefield, grand strategy, or the strategy of managing an empire, but whatever it is – you have to have some strategy in your life. Planning your moves, seeing them play out, and...
  4. Lark


    A game that has massive depth for any 4x grand strategy space game. Play as a peaceful trading Civ or enslave specific races of intelligent beings. Commit genocide or protect your allies! 10/10
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    The 10 best strategy games on PC

    There are few genres as synonymous with PC gaming as strategy games. The format is perfect for armchair generals, sitting hunched over keyboard and mouse as you plot your next move or ten. With an army of strategy games ever prodding at your borders and strategy elements being a solid part of...