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    Windows 11 Review in Progress

    Windows 11 is finally here. The latest operating system update from Microsoft left the Insider Program on Oct. 4 and is now available for anyone with a compatible PC to download and install. For those who aren't sure about whether their PC will run Windows 11, you can use the PC Health Check...
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    Rocket League Camera Settings

    Picking the Rocket League camera settings that feel best for you is a somewhat subjective thing. Obviously people prefer different settings, FOV’s, distance to car, etc… However, when the majority of players use certain settings, it’s worth taking a closer look at how exactly they set their game...
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    Escape from Tarkov Best Settings

    Escape for Tarkov has recently released the 0.12 patch. Along with the additional content and in game changes there has also been some tweaks on the settings side. Whilst it’s not a game with perfect performance it is slowly getting better. But what are best Escape from Tarkov graphic settings...